17 Nov 2023

An Invitation


This is an invitation to visit my new Wordpress blog  - a circle in a spiral.

In this blog I'm focussing on Life's journey, the path you chose or didn't choose, the learning curves you've had along the way, the mistakes you made, the successes you've had; they all lead to one point in time. Now.

a circle in spiral is about life's journey, life phases and experiences, using astrological psychology as a template and guide...... and you don't need to know any astrology. Just visit with a willingness to explore what's on offer and be open to what might come up.

The circle? That's the natal chart, a blueprint for life. The spiral? That's where moving upwards takes place, via life experience, personal growth and greater self-awareness. 

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20 Oct 2022

Trashing the Transpersonals




This list is just a few of the transpersonal qualities which everyone will recognise and will potentially aspire towards expressing in their everyday lives, because most people reading this are likely to have grown up in a society where these, and similar qualities, were encouraged and rewarded.

So what's happening? Where is the expression of these and other beneficient qualities in our everyday lives? They're all still there somewhere, they've not gone away. But you might be tempted to think otherwise in our fractured, needy world at the moment.

I have faith that they are there, but it seems that wherever we turn right now there's strife, hardship, inequality, war, disrespect and despoiling of the environment, and a general trashing and disregard for all that is held vital in keeping life on an even keel.

Here in the UK we have only to look at the current upheaval and dramatic scenes at Westminster as the government has unravelled under a weak leader who set out on a course to demolish any chance of comfort and prosperity for lots of people - unless, of course, they happen to be filthy rich. 

Things are progressing so fast that before I finished writing this, the UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss, had left office (following hot on the heels of her predecessor, the Dreaded Boris the Liar), hounded out by a crowd of her own disgruntled MPs who were involved last night in a brawl over voting in the House of Commons. Unprecedented and disgraceful.

A general trashing of the transpersonal qualities is a contributory factor and there seems to be a lot of it about. A fish rots from the head down. It comes from the top and the example set by leaders who seem to think they can get away with anything. Just because. Maybe because they think they're so important and invincible in their lofty positions of so-call power? Not part of the "hoi polloi" (aka common, ordinary people)?

Do they - those in power - actually care about the people of the country I wonder? Government ministers appear not to be doing their jobs (note, the word minister has embedded in its meaning the task of ministering to the needs of others - being caring, kind, offering service in their role as minister - to administrate).

From where I'm viewing it, there has been a whole lot of self-seeking and not a lot of inclusivity about for some time. Transpersonal qualities have been trashed in favour of lining pockets and filling off-shore bank accounts. Financial cuts have been made, almost as if they've been designed to create more hardship for those in need, while those with comfortaby lined pockets pick up bonuses.

Transpersonal energies and qualities (those beyond the personal "me" stuff and a part of the human collective) in astrological psychology are to be found in the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When all are operating on their highest level, through and via us and our expression of them, we have:

Uranus -  bringing change, being innovative, creative, thinking outside the box, and taking a scientific approach to making life easier....but of course, the old has to bow out and make way for the new, which can be resisted.

Neptune - helping us forge connections with all other living beings and with nature and the natural world, the environment, will be very concerned about our climate emergency and may draw on the innovation of Uranian thinking and research to help here. Neptune helps us identify with others, so altruistic action, for example,  contributing to food banks and helping out in the community in other ways in these trying times.

Pluto - encourages us to clean up and rid ourselves of old, often corrupted and outworn systems and ways of doing things. (now why does the UK Tory party, determined to hold on to power at all costs, come to mind here? It looks to me as if its time is up). With Pluto we have to move on, leave the old stuff behind and find new ways forward.

I've written about the positions of these three planets several times since 2008, when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn and there was a global economic crisis. You can read about what I said here, but I encourage you to do your own search on this blog as I've written about the planetary movements of all three transpersonal planets as well as Saturn and Jupiter, which have joined the game from time to time.

Search for Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter - there's quite a lot on all of these because Pluto will be sitting there in Capricorn until 2024, so there's a way to go yet. 

Right now, Uranus is making another square aspect to Pluto, which is a bit of a dead ringer for what's happening right now, so take a look at Uranus square Pluto in your search.

And last of all - remember to bring a touch of the transpersonals into your everyday life and interactions. The transpersonals shouldn't be trashed, they should be treasured and shared.

6 Oct 2022

Rose of Heaven

                    Rose of Heaven 

          and other stories by Will Parfitt

I confess to not being a fan of short stories, always finding them, as a child and teenager, like a taster or snack, and never as satisfying as the full-blown meal of a novel. My view towards them changed when I learned that short story writing is a specific and exacting art, so with this in mind – and with an open mind too - I read Rose of Heaven and the other eight short stories in Will’s latest book.

I wasn’t disappointed. Far from being light snacks, each one comes with a meaty message elegantly seasoned with positive and/or thought-provoking ideas. Will draws on his experience of working for many years as a psychotherapist, and his own search for truth and meaning. The stories all have a psychological slant, which may or may not hit the spot, depending on where the reader is on their own life path

Characters come across as real, and there is a gentle touch of humour in several stories. Nothing Like a Hole in the Head had me intrigued and made my toes curl at the same time. It’s probably the one story which impressed me most, along with

Mabel’s Mindfulness, which made me smile, has a feel-good quality and an interesting punchline. The title story, Rose of Heaven, is possibly based on the author’s personal experiences and searches. It sets the scene, signalling (to me at any rate) that the reader will be in good hands in this book. “I love you for who you are, not what you do…..” says Rose to the anonymous character who is telling the tale.

I will return to read Rose of Heaven and the other stories at a later date. I suspect there is a mirror hidden in each and every one of them which will offer me insights and encourage reflections and connections.

Recommended reading? Yes!


Will Parfitt is the author of several non-fiction books on psychology and psychosynthesis. 

His most recent book, "The Magic of Psychosynthesis", is reviewed here on this blog.

This book and "Rose of Heaven" are available on Amazon.

10 Sept 2022

King Charles III - an update

Chart of King Charles III

Today I have updated and shared some thoughts on a blog post I wrote back in May, when Charles, then Prince and now King, stood in for the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament and looked very thoughtfully at the Crown, which he realised would soon be his, along with the dedication and responsibility that accompanies the role of monarch.

I've had a further look at his chart and make some comments, relevant to his Age Point and becoming King, on this updated post.

 Click on this link - it will take you there.

Small Learning triangles

One thing I will  speculate on here, looking at Charles's chart as he is proclaimed King, is that Pluto, which his Age Point is fast approaching, is connected in a Small Learning triangle with Sun and Mars, which may prove  interesting to observe as he eases - or maybe catapults - into the role he's been waiting for all his life.

However we might see this combination of planets in this pattern expressed in his behaviour, as it's going to involve his intercepted Scorpio Sun in 4th House. The Sun only receives two aspects, and they are red/green, suggesting a spot of touchiness and sensitivity could be involved.

A recent example was the tetchy, tired and grieving new King being cross and annoyed at a leaking pen which he was using to sign an official document. But let's not judge him, it's early days and he's under a lot of pressure - the propsect of further full-on ceremonial with his coronation looms somewhere not too far in the furture.

22 Aug 2022

Aspect Patterns and Astrological Psychology

Chart with Small Talent triangle, Streamer figure, Large Learning triangle


Aspect Patterns, as used in Astrological Psychology and the Huber Method, are pretty much the most revealing thing to consider in a chart when it comes to wanting to understand how people tick. There are 40+ recognisable aspect patterns, all of which relate to observable behaviour in others, and behaviour traits we can recognise in ourselves.

I've written about all of them in my book, Aspect Patterns in Colour, and each aspect pattern is discussed in the context of an example chart, mostly of a well-known person. You will find the charts of Bill Gates, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Charles Darwin, Elton John and Nelson Mandela all featured, to mention just a few.

Here's a small selection of aspect patterns, all of which I've written about in this resource website, once again using the charts of well-known people to illustrate them and the various motivations they suggest.

The shaping - triangular or quadrilateral - of the aspect pattern is significant as well as the colours of the aspects: red/blue/green.

Click on Aspect Patterns in the labels cloud on the sidebar on the left, and that will take you to a choice of no less 80 different blog posts where aspect patterns are featured in the charts or events I've written about.
For a detailed analysis of aspect patterns, the classic reference book is the one by Bruno and Louise Huber, to whom I dedicate my own book on this subject.  
Aspect Pattern Astrology was researched and developed by them at the Astrological Psychology Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, and it was here that I learned, first hand from them, so much about aspect patterns and the motivations they represent in the charts of individuals. 
Both books are available from Amazon. Full descriptions of both are on the  Astrological  Psychology website: