Joyce Hopewell

Joyce Hopewell, B.A., Dip. API, Cert.Ed., Diploma in Personal Psychosynthesis

 I'm Joyce Hopewell. I'm a professionally qualified teacher and astrologer with more than 30 years experience of working with the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology. I'm Principal Emeritus of the Astrological Psychology Association (APA) based in the UK.

I have extensive experience of working with clients and have worked as a training facilitator and conference speaker and in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. I've written items for national publications, I've broadcast for BBC local radio, and I was asked to look at the chart of Robbie Williams live on air when he got married. My AstroChat Channel on YouTube has short videos packed with astro info.

I'm a regular contributor to Conjunction, the APA magazine, and have had numerous articles published in The Astrological Journal, the magazine of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. My books are The Cosmic Egg Timer The Living Birth Chart, Aspect Patterns in Colour and Using Age Progression.

I started writing this blog in 2006. Since then I've shared my thoughts, observations and comments on the charts and lives of people and events in the news using astrological psychology as my lens. The blog has grown and evolved and is currently focussed on being a resource website for astrologers, especially those interested in Astrological Psychology, also known as the Huber Method.  

I'm delighted to welcome readers and visitors from all over the world, and welcome feedback and comments.

"Woman and Home" magazine feature with feedback from the client on the consultation I gave
Reader Feedback:
As a long time astrologer, (40+ years) I find Joyce's information accurate and timely. Until being exposed to the "Huber method" by Joyce Hopewell, I knew nothing about it other than bits and snips. It has made me take a second look and possibly take a course in this system.

Thank you Joyce Hopewell,
Dave Schafer Miami, Florida USA

Hello Joyce! I hear you sometimes on the internet as I've just got the Spanish and Swiss diploma for the Huber method, and I'm in love with it. There's so much we can do to lighten our lives and those of people who come to us for advice or a deeper meaning of their own selves! I'll keep on delving in your web! 

WARMEST REGARDS from Elia Sanz in Barcelona - Spain