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All four books I've written are available from Amazon and other on-line retailers as well as from the Astrological Psychology Association  Bookshop and a local book store near you. Stockists include the AFA in the United States and Virgo Moon Pages in Australia.

All are also available in ebook format and in full colour. 

Using Age Progression - Understanding Life's Journey            by Joyce Hopewell

 Age Progression can be used to seek meaning in the life events we experience. It can show what kind of influences are likely to be at work at different stages of our life journey, and it is perhaps the most sophisticated astrological approach to understanding the psychologically significant life experiences in the birth chart.

When we can understand what's going on in life at any particular stage, we can deal with it with greater awareness and confidence. Using Age Progression can offer us clarity at every step of the journey and can provide valuable insights into that often asked question "What's going on in my life?"

With full colour charts, the book has a wealth of illustrative examples of Age Progression in the charts of well known people as well as clients and others who have agreed to their charts being used to help others understand this gilt edged technique.

An on-line search will show where you can get a copy of my new book and all my other books:

The Cosmic Egg Timer 
 by Joyce Hopewell, co-authored with Richard Llewellyn 

The full-colour book offers an immediate and illuminating approach to using astrology and is suitable for the enthusiastic beginner as well as the professional astrologer, psychologist or counsellor seeking a fresh approach to working with clients.

Astrological Psychology combines the best of traditional astrology with modern growth psychology, and The Cosmic Egg Timer provides the best introduction to what has become known as the "Huber Method", based on the work of Swiss astrologers/psychologists Bruno and Louise Huber.

The Living Birth Chart by Joyce Hopewell

Updated and reissued in full colour in 2019, this is a deeper, more practical work book, based on my many years of experience in facilitating popular workshops. It offers insights into the full power of the Huber Method and gives a feel for its practical use.

Plenty of hand-on exercises are included, together with lots of examples from charts, enabling the reader to experience the approach for themselves and develop their own understanding.

Aspect Patterns in Colour by Joyce Hopewell

This book is a "must" for those wanting a quick reference volume on aspect patterns, which can provide a key to understanding inner motivation.

The 40+ aspect patterns identified by the Hubers are describe in easy-to-understand terms, along with a sample chart and interpretation for each one, all fully illustrated in colour.

12 Top Tips for Budding Astrologers by Joyce Hopewell

 Published in Ebook format.

Ideas and suggestions to get you started on chart interpretation - and keep you going!

 It is available here, at the APA Ebook store, for a modest fee.

It includes some of the Astrology Tips I've written about on this blog, plus extra material I've added to enlarge on the 12 Tips. There are some practical exercises to do too, to help you focus, and there are illustrations and charts.

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