4 Feb 2009

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is currently picking up a swathe of awards leading to speculation that she'll also get an Oscar this year. Her current films on release - The Reader and Revolutionary Road - are attracting much comment in reviews, as is her emotional acceptance speech following her recent Academy award for best actress in The Reader.

Winslet was born on 5.10.1975 in Reading. The time of birth for her that I've found most frequently is 07.15, and although this is not verified, I'm going with it. The visual image I see in the chart is an open mouth with a long tongue sticking out catching an insect - rather like a frog catching a fly! The "insect" is Mars, placed in Gemini - maybe a good placement for an actor? If I were working with Winslet on her chart, I'd want to know about how she experiences that Mars as it's in the 9th house, is loosely aspected but is in a high and visible position.

The chart is "I" sided with a large stellium of planets on and around the AC. This suggests a focus on her personal sense of self, perhaps on her image and how she seeks to portray it, as there are no less than 5 planets in the 1st house, 4 of which are in Libra. Add to this consideration that Sun, Moon and Pluto are closely bound together right on the AC and there is the potential for a powerful person who may initially wrap this up in velvet gloves because these planets are in Libra, which doesn't rush open-armed towards making a big fuss. However, with Sun conjunct Pluto in this configuration, Winslet is no wimp and is not afraid to be outspoken, especially with reference to the way the media have commented on her weight and figure.

Winslet's inner motivation, as shown by the overall chart shaping, is a mixture of Mutable and Cardinal energy. She can be tangential and restless, looking for new paths to follow, new experiences to be had, most probably to add to her acting portfolio. Sitting alongside this is the Small Learning triangle in her chart, which has a Mutable motivation. This means she can draw on this when she needs to learn a new skill or technique and can adapt and mould herself around this new experience. This triangle has a fixed quality to it in that all 3 planets involved - Venus, Saturn and Uranus - have Fixed qualities. The learning journey starts with the planet at the red/blue corner. That's Uranus, which looks for change in order to bring greater security and stability to life at a new level. Saturn will be challenged to shift already- established boundaries in this learning journey and Venus will be called upon to harmonise what is taking place. As the 3 planets involved here are either on, or close to, a Low Point it's very likely that this learning process will take place on a deeply felt inner level.

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