24 May 2022

Age Progression: prepare to be amazed!

Age progression is a relatively new and simple approach to the use astrology in understanding psychological crises and periods of growth throughout our lives. And it's not predictive - far from it.

The approach presented in the Huber's definitive book on the subject can be used even by beginners to gain a better understanding of themselves and their lives, and can help experts in the helping professions to work faster and more securely with other people’s problems.

Age progression is Bruno and Louise Huber's unique approach to understanding the element of time in the horoscope, and their book on this subject includes  discussion on how this relates to other approaches of astrological progressions.

The essential feature of this approach is the age point, which moves through the houses like the hands of a clock and indicates the unfolding life of the human being.

LifeClock was first published as two separate volumes over twenty years ago, and  is presented here in a single integrated volume. The content covers the structural and qualitative elements of the age point method and its application in life phases and cycles. 

This is followed by rules for interpretation using age progression and plenty of  detail on the significance of aspects made by the age point. Later chapters address the use of age progression in counseling, and the detailed progression of the age point through the houses over a lifetime. Examples of the application of age progression in this book include C.G.Jung and former American president Jimmy Carter. 

While working with this book, you will be able to apply and examine the age point method (the big hand on your life clock) in your own horoscope. This will give you an overview of the cyclic unfolding of your life and will most likely convince you of the effectiveness and value of this surprisingly simple approach to astrological timing. 

My book, Using Age Progression, includes 37 examples of how the Huber's LifeClock is experienced in the charts and lives of real people - among them are some famous celebrities as well as people who generously offered to share their life experiences with me while I was working on this book.

There are numerous posts on this very subject on this blog; type Age Progession into the search window on the sidebar, take your pick, read the book(s) and try out Age Progression for yourself. 

I think you will be amazed.....!

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