1 Feb 2017

Study Astrological Psychology

Astrological Psychology:The Huber Method is  available from bookshops and on line, and it is THE definitive way to learn about this subject for yourself.

It's based on the Astrological Psychology Association's Diploma Course manuals,  and is presented in a similar A4 full colour format with helpful illustrations and diagrams. It provides a similarly complete course of study, but without the need to do written assignments if these are not your thing. Readers can choose whether or not to do the optional assignments, which are included for those who wish to consolidate what they learn.

If you want guidance and help, some of our APA tutors are offering tutoring in parallel with your study using this book, in a more flexible way than with the Diploma Course. You'll find a starred ** indicator against their names.

As well a being a personal workbook, Astrological Psychology:The Huber Method will also provide a valuable reference work for the Huber Method.

The book is being sold by the APA bookshop through the Amazon marketplace, rather than through the APA website, so you just need to look it up on Amazon. The APA bookshop will usually hold stock, so will be able to supply quickly. 

If this has whetted your appetite here is a list of the book's contents, covering a comprehensive range of techniques used in the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology:

1. Psychosynthesis and subpersonalities, the Huber chart and its five levels. First steps in chart interpretation. 

2. The aspect level – use of colour, chart image, aspect patterns.

3. The planets – tool, ego and transpersonal. Levels of consciousness.

  4. The house level, houses, intensity curve, low points, stress planets, polarity.

5. Nature or nurture? The Family Model, House Chart, conflicting energies, Dynamic Calculations.

  6. The element of time – Age Progression and Life Clock, transits and progressions, chart rectification.

  7. Personal and transpersonal growth – ego integration, Moon nodes, Moon Node Chart.

  8. Applied Astrological Psychology – working as a consultant, working with 3 charts, practical chart interpretation. 

If you are new to astrology, and to the Huber Method in particular, there are plenty of introductory astrology books on the market. 

My co-authored book The Cosmic Egg Timer: Introducing Astrological Psychology provides a good starting point.

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