28 Nov 2007

Bruno Huber - Pioneer in Astrological Psychology

Bruno Huber was born on 29.11.1930 at 12.55 local time in Zurich, Switzerland. He would have been celebrating his 77th birthday this year, and this is an appreciation of the man and his work, as well as a tribute to him and the opportunity to share something of his chart with readers.

Bruno was a true pioneer in the field of both astrology and psychology, as he blended together the psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli, with whom he studied and worked alongside in Florence, with the very best of traditional and conventional astrology, drawing from its basic foundations and roots. With this combination of modern growth and spiritually oriented psychology (psychosynthesis is sometimes known as “the psychology with a soul”) and sound astrological understanding, Bruno created an astrological psychology fit for the 21st century and beyond.

I wrote about Bruno’s chart in The Cosmic Egg Timer, saying “Using the senses and intuition as we look at this chart, we may be struck by its strong, upward-reaching appearance. This may be the chart of someone who has high aspirations, who seeks to move upwards in their own individuation process. Blending this with the technical know-how we already may have about working with the chart image, we may see mountains in the overall chart structure, and a series of mountain peaks reaching across the top of the chart. These spring from a pyramid shape which gives a broad and solid base to the image in the central area of the chart. The shaping of the aspect structure as a whole suggests a combination of Fixed motivation (the four-sided “pyramid” figure) and Mutable motivation ( the large triangular shapes).

The triangular shapes dominate and stand out, suggesting more emphasis on a Mutable motivation than one which is Fixed. There is a feeling of quivering, actively sensitive movement in this chart, with the “mountain peaks” at the top hinting at different focal points of interest, ambition, achievement and heights to be scaled, yet always moving upwards from the solid base across in the lower half of the chart. As well as reflecting the essence of the man, the mountain peaks are reminiscent of his native Switzerland. In reality, Bruno was no stranger to the mountains as he skied and cycled in them. And his life’s work involved intense empirical research into human potential, problems of the human psyche and of the psychological-spiritual development of the individual, using the unique blend of astrology and psychosynthesis which is now known as the Huber Method.”

Mercury sits at the top of Bruno’s chart, right on the MC and on top of one of the mountain peaks mentioned. He was a very good communicator and teacher - I always found his talks, lectures and seminars very stimulating. Mercury is one of the planets in the Dominant Learning triangle in the chart and links with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, highlighting Bruno’s transformative perception of astrology and psychology, which he ably communicated to the world via that mountain-peak Mercury. Uranus, the planet associated with research, is strongly placed on the 2nd house cusp, and connects via a blue aspect to the Sun atop another of the mountain peaks. On-going learning, empirical research and the constant exploration of new but well-founded ideas in the areas of astrology and psychology were a significant feature of Bruno’s life and work, and were lifeblood to him.

His untimely death in 1999 means that he is still missed by those whose lives were touched by him (myself included) but he would surely be full of joy to see that his work is being continued in his native Switzerland through the smaller schools and teaching centres for astrological psychology which Bruno envisaged as part of his legacy; in the UK by the Astrological Psychology Association, and in Spain by the Spanish Huber School. The books that he and Louise wrote together are all in print, with more currently in the pipeline, and are available in English from the APA Book Shop. This means that Bruno’s work and the work of the Huber’s can continue to be available to students of astrological psychology worldwide.

See my short introductory video on astrological psychology on my Astrochat channel on You Tube.


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Astrological charts like these can be helpful also in such matter for those who are letting tyheirselves grow. ,psychosynthesis can also be a great help with people needing directions for their lives .