26 Oct 2015

Astrological resources and how to use this site


Detail of statue of Muse Urania by Joyce Hopewell
You're here because you want to learn more about astrological psychology - or maybe you just want to learn more about astrology in general.

You will find a wealth of information here on many aspects of Astrological Psychology, such as

               Aspect Patterns                  
       Age Progression          
Inner motivation    Chart Image      Chart Shaping  
 Colour and Motivation  
 Planets and psychological drives   Zodiac signs

There is a large selection of Chart Interpretations and comments on various world events for you to browse through. Each of them offers examples of all the above-listed features at work in the charts of well-known
Actors   Artists   Authors  Celebrities  Musicians  Scientists  Politicians 
Pop Stars  Royalty  and many more besides

    Chart of actor Meryl Streep featured in Using Age Progression
    Chart of scientist Alan Turing,
     featured in Using Age Progression

The Labels sidebar offers even more options - just click to find information on your chosen topic.

You can also use the Search box to find specific subjects you are interested in.

The Tabs at the top of page will take you further, to find
  • Books on Astrological Psychology
  • Consultants 
  • Courses in Astrological Psychology
  • YouTube videos on subjects ranging from planets, the 12 zodiac signs through the 12 houses and various current events and planetary positions.     

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