10 May 2014

Louise Huber 1924 - 2016

Louise Huber by Joyce Hopewell
Update 12th March 2016.

Sad news has reached us of the passing of Louise Huber on 13th January 2016. For further details see the APA website

I wrote this post to celebrate Louise's 90th birthday in 2014 and will let it stand as a tribute to a very special and rather amazing lady. Louise - thank you - you gave me so much and I am privileged to have known you. May you be at peace and find your bliss.

Many congratulations and a very happy 90th birthday to Louise Huber, born on 10th May 1924 at 03:15 in Bamberg, Germany.

Louise, together with her husband Bruno Huber, taught and developed Astrological Psychology - also known as the Huber Method -  from the Astrological Psychology Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, as we celebrate Louise's birthday, we also take a look at her chart. I first met her in 1985, when she and Bruno spoke at an astrological conference in the UK, and I have known her since 1987. This lovely photograph of her was taken at a seminar she was giving in Achberg, southern Germany, and we were laughing at a joke we'd just shared. The warmth of her Moon in Cancer and her Jupiter in Sagittarius comes across in this image.

Louise Huber, 10.5.1924, at 03:15, Bamberg, Germany
Louise's chart shaping is predominantly Fixed; there is a large quadrilateral aspect figure which dominates the chart. Quadrilaterals indicate a Fixed inner motivation. This, in turn, is reflected in her Sun/Mercury conjunction in Taurus. She can be a very strong lady when her mind is made up!

The chart image suggests a large bucket, basket or receptacle which could be full of interesting facts and experiences (green searching/questing aspects cross inside it). The bucket or basket is lying on its side. The contents can move freely out towards the "You"/DC side of the chart for others to absorb (Louise began teaching astrological psychology in1962). Saturn sits like a guardian in 7th house, filtering what should be shared as well as who should receive information. Louise's early studies included esotericism, and she would be naturally discriminative and cautious about how she shared her esoteric knowledge, as well as who she shared it with.

The chart has 3 red:3 green:5 blue aspects, indicating that blue fixity might dominate - in lay terms it suggests that Louise's enjoyment and satisfaction of what she has learned and done will be significant. Louise has always been immensely proud of what she and Bruno achieved together when they developed and taught astrological psychology. She has every right to be proud as astrological psychology and the Huber Method are known and taught worldwide.

Louise's chart contains 3 Learning triangles which all support her quest and taste for knowledge and information as well as her ability to teach and share it with others. Learning triangles often indicate ongoing learning throughout life. Louise's study of Alice Bailey's esoteric material has been ongoing since the 1950's. In 1956, she and Bruno were invited to help set up the Arcane School in Geneva - this as her Age Point was in 6th house of service, was in Virgo, the sign associated with service to others, and shortly before this it had been conjunct the Moon's North Node. A 6th house North Node points to personal and spiritual growth which can be accessed by working for and with others.

I'm not attempting to interpret Louise's chart in an in-depth way, but have chosen a few significant features for the purpose of this 90th birthday tribute. The last feature concerns Louise's Jupiter in Sagittarius in 9th house. I recall hearing Louise speak of the time she started to write and set down her ideas, knowledge and experience of astrology and esotericism. She told of how, at the time, the words and ideas began pouring out of her, and she felt compelled to write. At the time, her Age Point was conjunct Jupiter in both her natal and Moon Node chart, and Jupiter is in 9th house in both charts. She was connecting with a place, an area of life  experience she already knew (the Node chart taps into the depths of the personality and into accumulated knowledge). The 9th house is concerned with higher learning, study, teaching, and Jupiter with wisdom and experience. Louise's first book Reflections and Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac was the outcome, and after this she went on to write many more books with Bruno. The featured Book of the Month is The Astrological Houses by Bruno and Louise Huber. Click on the Books by the Hubers tab above to see all their books.

As Louise's current Age Point approaches conjunction with Venus all that remains now is to wish Louise Huber a very happy day, and to send her love, light and power on the occasion of the 90th birthday.

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