23 Jul 2013

Royal Babies - Prince George and the new Princess of Cambridge

Prince George, born on 22nd July 2013 at 16.24 in London

Congratulations to Wills and Kate on the birth of their first baby born on 22nd July 2013, and their second baby - the new Princess of Cambridge, now named as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - born on 2nd May 2015. Click on the link above to read my thoughts on her chart.

Initial thoughts on George's chart - there's inherent talent, the capacity to learn but may he take more than one go at getting the lesson "right", together with an ability to be focussed and express mental/physical energy plus a whole lot of sensitivity. 

Prince George's chart's aspect structure shows a flexible, mutable inner motivation suggesting he will be able to adapt to changes and not become too fixed and rigid - probably a good thing as he has the capacity to express an abundance of energy. This is shown by the 7 red: 4 green: 4 blue aspects in the chart, giving it an overall red/green flavour which indicates sensitivity and possible touchiness. He may need to be handled with kid gloves when he's older - there's a sensitivity which could be expressed explosively when he reaches the "terrible twos", the age of temper tantrums.

George has several aspect patterns in his chart, and I'm not going to discuss them all, but instead will focus on one in particular, which is interesting as it appears in his mum Kate's chart and also in his great grandmother's - the Queen's - chart. It's the all-red Efficiency/Performance triangle, pinned by Mercury, Uranus and Pluto. Mercury and Pluto are in opposition across the 2/8 house axis which is all about possessions - mine and yours, personal and public. Across this axis there is conflict and a build up of energy which can be discharged and expressed via the planet at the apex of the triangle - Uranus. That's interesting for a start, as Uranus is on the cusp of the 5th house, slap bang in the area of the collective, and specifically strong in that part of the chart concerned with relationships. Might this hint at radical changes and a different approach to the haves and have nots in what will become his kingdom? Might he be a bit of a rebel, or a creative innovator?

His strongly placed cuspal Uranus is echoed by Saturn on the cusp of the 11th house. George has a strong 8th house and Cancerian influence in his chart, with Mercury, Mars and Jupiter there. The Sun, hovering on the cusp between Cancer and Leo only just hangs on by a pip squeak in the sign of Cancer, and being right at the end of the sign is weakly placed by sign, but is strongly placed in the cardinal zone of the 9th house. Bearing in mind that he - and we all - are much, much more than just our Sun sign, it's reassuring to see that George's Sun aspects his strongly placed Saturn, which will offer psychological support and back up for what could be a very sensitive nature. Like many Sun in Cancer people, he could have a soft and vulnerable inner core. Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Cancer  which makes for an interesting combination of energies and drives. These carry the potential for a keen and active perception to develop, along with a sense of justice and fairness, which may be directed out into the environment in a caring, sensitive way.

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