27 May 2013

Sun in Gemini

It's that Gemini time of year - the Sun entered this sign on 21st May, coinciding with some dramatic events - the tornado which struck Oklahoma with devastating effect, and shortly after this, the gruesome murderous slaughter of an off-duty soldier outside his barracks in London.

Communicate and understand
With the Sun in the sign associated with communication, and heading for its highest point in the northern hemisphere on 21st June - the Summer Solstice - perhaps we should be focussing on the way we comunicate with each other, across nations and races/cultures/religions. The aim, with Gemini-style fast and diverse communication, is to connect, communicate and understand things from other viewpoints, often different from our own.

Understand viewpoints different from our own

The esoteric seed thought for Gemini points the way: "I recognise my other Self and in that waning of that Self I grow and glow". You may interpret that in whichever way has greatest meaning for you; for me the message is pretty clear - put your own self & cherished viewpoints aside for a while and listen to the other side's.

On a personal level, Sun in Gemini has certain traits which are shared, but not necessarily expressed, by those born at this time of year. Here are a few of my takes on this:

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