22 Jan 2013

Judi Dench

Judi Dench, a dame of the British Empire for her services to acting, is probably currently best known as "M" in the 007 Bond films - although her status changed dramatically at the end of the latest Bond film Skyfall. Dench was born on 9th December 1934 in York, UK. No time of birth is available so the chart is set for noon, putting her Sun conjunct Venus in Sagittarius right at the top of the chart, as this is a noon chart.

Although there's no time of birth, a fair amount of information can be gained from looking at the overall aspect pattern in the chart, together with the aspects, aspect patterns and their colours. All these relate to inner, often unconscious motivation.

The aspect structure has a slightly off-balance, tipping feel to it - there's a sense of movement and fluidity and even though the overall shaping is quadrangular - making her security-oriented - this drive sits alongside the tangential linear aspects. She will not be one to rest on her laurels, probably always seeking new challenges.

There are 4 red: 6 green: 5 blue aspects in the chart. With a surfeit of green, she will have a strong mutable approach to life, always wanting to try or learn new things. This can easily be related to her continued success as an actor, taking on new roles. Now 79, she shows no signs of easing up on her career.

A lesser-seen but interesting aspect pattern that she has is the Striving figure. This is pinned by Saturn, Moon, Venus and Pluto, with Pluto at the apex. The apex planet is usually the one whose qualities the individual strives towards, and at its highest level, Pluto is about the perfection of being. In Dench's case, I'd view Plutonic perfection of being as what she is striving towards in the acting roles she undertakes. The three ego planets - Sun (by default as it is conjunct Venus), Moon and Saturn - are all involved in the Striving figure, indicating that this aspect pattern could be a major driving force in her acting career. People with Striving figures are always aiming high and striving for goals, but don't always reach them, often collapsing or giving up before the target is reached and the goal attained. Their energy may be erratic, and will not always support the drive needed for a final push to the finishing line. In Dench's chart, I'd say she's overcome this potential hazard; her career to date is testament to that.

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