14 Feb 2011

Colin Firth & "The King's Speech"

Colin Firth last night won a BAFTA for his role as King George VI in The King's Speech and is hotly tipped to win an Oscar as well. Update and edit 28th Feb: Last night he won the Oscar for Best Actor - congratulations to Colin Firth!

Born on 10.9.1960 in Grayshott, UK, his chart is set for noon with no time of birth available. It's possible, though, to take a look at his inner, unconsious motivation using the aspect patterns and their colours in his chart, together with the placement of the planets by Sign.

Firth has 3 planets in Virgo - Sun, Mercury and Pluto - making him something of a perfectionist as all Virgo qualities will be reinforced with ruler Mercury in its own sign together with Virgo Sun/sense of self and Pluto adding intensity and depth to his expression of Virgo qualities. This is apparent in his acting, in which he offers an exact and in-depth portrayal of the character he is playing. In The King's Speech I was at times moved to tears by the intensity and sensitivity of his portrayal of a man whose childhood conditioning had stunted his expression of his true self.

Firth's overall aspect shaping is a mixture of triangular aspect patterns and linear offshoots which don't form patterns or shapes. This indicates a flexible motivation with a tendency to be tangential, going off doing his own thing and possibly being changeable; not all bad when you're an actor, with each new role bringing challenges of getting under the skin of the character and requiring this degree of flexibility. The colour balance of 5 red: 1 green: 5 blue aspects suggests a strong either/or approach to life.

The all-red Efficiency/Performance figure, fired up by Jupiter and Mars, and with Mercury at the apex, looks good for an actor, who has to communicate well, powerfully, be physically fit and bring all relevant life experiences to the role he's cast in.

There are 2 Dominant Learning Triangles in the chart - one direct and one retrograde - meaning that some things he'll pick up and learn very easily, others will need more application and trials before the lesson is learned. Both learning triangles include the green quincunx between Moon and Jupiter which, in this very red/blue chart seems highly important. Jupiter will percieve and participate in life, gaining experiences and impressions; Moon will tap into feelings and emotions. It's interesting to see how both these planets connect with Mercury at the apex of the Efficiency triangle, feeding into what and how he communicates.

Uranus, part of the retrograde learning, is also part of the Ambivalence figure which also involves Jupiter and Mars. These 3 aspect patterns, linked as they are, will work together to feed into the whole mode of being flexible and adaptable, but with the red/blue Ambivalence figure there may be a need for independence, freedom involved. For more on these and all 40 aspect patterns used in the Huber method, see my new book, Aspect Patterns in Colour.

Firth's BAFTA is well-deserved; let's hope he gets the Oscar too.

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