8 Oct 2010

John Lennon

John Lennon, born on 9.10.1940 at 18.30 in Liverpool, UK

What would have been Lennon's 70th birthday is being celebrated in his native Liverpool by the projection of a previously unseen photograph of him on to the buildings surrounding the Albert Dock at Liverpool's Pier Head. This is the tourist area of the city, where The Beatles Experience exhibition is housed.

Lennon's chart resembles an arrow head, with highest planet Moon as a focal point, receiving many aspects. Lennon's unconventionality was well-expressed through his Aquarian Moon. The overall aspect structure shows a predominantly mutable, flexible motivation, but there is one quadrangular aspect pattern - a Megaphone - which will need and thrive on having some measure of security and stability. Lennon is said to have found this in the home of the aunt who brought him up as a child.

With 6 planets on the DC/"You" side of his chart, Lennon was more attuned to being with and interacting with people - he did have a charismatic presence, perhaps attributable to his Libran Sun close to the DC , this being the energy others would be most likely to pick up on meeting him.

The Megaphone would have made it relatively easy for him to convey his ideas via his artistic talent of song writing and composing. Bruno and Louise Huber say of this figure: "The person is a thinker who extracts a lot of information from communication...." Lennon was also a idealist and a dreamer ("..you may say that I'm a dreamer..." from Imagine), and here the Moon at the highets point in the chart, heavily aspected, in idealistic Aquarius and in 11th house speaks.

For more on the Megaphone and ALL the aspect patterns used in the Huber Method, watch out for details of my new book Aspect Patterns in Colour.


Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,

This was very fitting to bring up Lennon's chart.
Where today do we find idealism? And where have our dreams gone?

That Moon up there in Aquarius inspired (and continues to inspire) millions.

ian said...

Wow! really wonderful and creative post, I just visited first time on your blog by searching letter format. Thanks, i'll back to reply.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you very much!