21 Jan 2010

Freddie Mercury's Age Point

I liked The Beatles, The Rolling Stones were OK, but the best band for me has to be Queen, with lead singer Freddie Mercury top of my list of singers with the most amazing voice ever.

Freddie was born on 5.9.1946 on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. His birth time is speculative, but is given as 05.10 in "British Entertainers - the astrological profiles" by Frank C. Clifford. Using the Huber Method of Age Progression I've checked out a few key life events, and find there is some validity in this time, so Freddie's chart is set up for this time.

It shows predominantly linear aspects, with only one complete aspect pattern - the red/blue Ambivalence triangle. This suggests an inner drive and motivation that was restless and adaptable. Freddie's family fled Zanzibar when he was 17 to avoid the dangers of the Zanzibar revolution in 1964, and settled in the UK. This event concurs with his Age Point making a quincunx aspect to Uranus when he was 17, Uranus being the sudden change and upheaval created by a revolution, and the move to somewhere foreign and completely different.

Freddie's contribution to British music is outstanding. He joined Queen in 1970, as his Age Point reached the 5th cusp and was conjunct the Moon. He was reputed to be a very private person, which is perhaps indicated in his strongly "I" sided chart with Sun in Virgo; it's only his Moon in Sagittarius which is up for grabs, just into the "You" side of the chart and more visible to the world. But the Mo
on is opposite Uranus, the highest planet in the chart and maybe it was this combination which allowed him to perform in an often outrageous and very individualistic style.

The Ambivalence triangle is quite a common aspect pattern in charts. The person feels the tension of work in the red opposition aspect, but they can escape into the planets at the blue corner of this pattern for R&R. With Venus and Jupiter here, Freddie may well have indulged in sybaritic activities.

Another Age Point quincunx to Uranus in 1975 coincided with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, a groundbreaking and innovative song, which Freddie wrote. His imagination, creativity and wide appeal may well be due to his unaspected Neptune - was he able to tap into something less tangible for inspiration? Was this where his - at times almost heavenly - voice came from? Here I think of him singing Barcelona along with Spanish opera singer Monts
errat Caballe, who said of him "the difference between Freddie and almost all the other rock stars was that he was selling the voice"

Freddie's lifestyle eventually caught up with him and he contracted AIDS, dying of pneumonia at the age of 45 on 24th November 1991, with his Age Point in the 8th House, approaching the Low Point of the whole chart and making aspects to his Sun and Pluto. The world lost a charismatic performer, a creative writer and performer and a voice which as yet, is unsurpassed.

To find out more about The Huber Method of Age Progression see the Huber's book LifeClock, and my book Using Age Progression. You can read more about by clicking the appropriate tabs at the toip of the page. Both are available from the APA on-line Book Shop.


Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
This is GREAT !!
I truly love Queen :)and I consider Freddy Mercury's voice to be one of rock's finest.

When I was in High school one day, I heard Behemian Rhapsody for the first time. It marked me for life; I remember the dizzy, crazy feeling,as well as a real emotion.

Long live the legacy of Freddy and Queen .

Joyce Hopewell said...

Yeah - Freddie rocks on, Barbara!

Joyce :-)