9 Jan 2009

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Singer/songwriter, former model, style icon and first lady in France, Carla Bruno-Sarkozy was born on 23.12.1967 in Turin, Italy. Her published birth time is 6.10 pm, and although not verified, I’m going with this.

Bruni’s chart is predominantly “You” sided with most planets occupying the space between the IC and MC. This suggests she is an outgoing person, well-equipped to make contact with and relate to others, although the stellium of Moon, Pluto and Uranus close to the IC indicate a need to belong and have a base. With Uranus close to the IC and strongly placed in the 4th house she is equally able to uproot whenever needed and move on to a new base.

Bruni’s motivation, as shown in her chart shaping, to is to be flexible and adaptable, open to changes and able to accommodate them. This is reinforced with the high ratio of green aspects in her colour balance of 3 red: 4 green: 4 blue. Her chart is well-endowed with flexible green, “thinking and searching” energy and drives. Again supporting this theme, she has two Learning triangles in her chart which will enable her to approach life as a learning journey, gaining learning experiences and specific skills, depending on which of the two triangles is involved.

Her Capricorn Sun, weak by Sign at only 1 degree, is on the Balance Point of the 6th house. Here she might experience conflict in her ability to attain her own personal goals as well as not always being able to come up to the expectations of others. But this is a Capricorn Sun, and she will not give up easily or quickly. Her Sun is part of the Dominant Learning triangle, so she’ll learn, bringing into play the other pinning planets in this aspect pattern. She can draw on her life experiences via strongly-placed Jupiter, and maybe heed the message of her 10th house North Node, which will encourage her to strive towards autonomy.

In a recent newspaper article, she is quoted as saying (on her marriage to French President Sarkozy), “I said to Nicolas, ‘I cannot choose between you and my music, it’s ridiculous. I’m not going to drop my job and iron my husband’s shirts for the next four years.’ So of course he didn’t ask me to choose, I decided to keep my job.”

Bruni’s chart has some strongly-placed planets by house, none more so than her Venus which is very strongly placed on the cusp of the 5th house. It is conjunct Neptune and both planets are in Scorpio, reflecting the sexy allure she has, all the more fascinating as she is an independent-minded first lady into the bargain.

At age 41, her Age Point is in Aquarius and is approaching conjunction with Mars. When she reaches this planet she will pick up the smaller and skill-oriented of her two Learning triangles and connect also with Venus and with Moon/Pluto at the bottom of her chart. Moon/Pluto could well be involved in her capacity to transform and reinvent herself.

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