16 Apr 2007

Prince William, bachelor of the realm

So Wills has dumped Kate, just as the media were leading us by the nose to expect an imminent Royal engagement. In all fairness, newspaper reports say they've broken up amicably and will remain friends, that William isn't ready to settle down, and wants to concentrate on his army career and so on. But see my addendum below!

It's worth taking a look at his chart to see what's going on Age Point-wise. Born 21.6.1982 at 21.30 in London (data from official Royal website), his chart shows a Dynamic shaping and an excess of green aspects, laying an emphasis on him having a flexible, mutable inner motivation, perhaps laced with indecision and a tendency to change his mind or think things through but not always take action.

Might this apply to his decision to split with Kate? The Queen is reported to be sad for both of them, and Kate would certainly have been a respectable and presentable addition to the family firm. But who knows, maybe she's not necessarily drawn the short straw here and has instead had a lucky escape.

William's Age Point is in Taurus, and in the 5th House of his chart. With a backdrop of earthy Taurus, he will want to ground and consolidate what's going on in his life, and currently that's his army career. Taurus is also concerned with senses, and sometimes with an excess of all aspects of Taurean sensorial delights. And yes, the papers do feature stories of his visits to nightclubs with attractive female students. This is very much the stuff of the 5th House, that area of the chart where we test ourselves out in relationships and play the field.

Bruno & Louise Huber say in their book "LifeClock" that the 5th House is "....the House of self-experience in the larger world. The young person behaves in an increasingly expansive manner. He wants to win the world, to make a big impression......". William is living out the Age Point's movement through this House and psychological life phase in a pretty typical way.

There are currently no exact Age Point contacts to planets BUT......his Age Point is moving towards a conjunction with Venus, which will become exact in June 2008. Venus is strongly associated with relationships, people have been known to meet their future spouse or marry on an Age Point conjunction to this planet, so keep an eye on this.

One final thought. His father dithered over marrying Camilla, his true love, many years ago because he was given naval command of a minesweeper and he went away to do that tour of duty. When he came back, she was married to Andrew Parker-Bowles, and Charles ended up marrying Diana. We all know what a big mistake that was. Let's hope Wills won't make the same mistake as his father.

Addendum 16.11.2010:

William has today announced his engagement to Kate Middleton, interestingly just as he nears his first Saturn return - often a time of real growing up and taking on more responsibility. Watch this blog as I shall be looking at Kate's chart in the near furture.


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