13 Mar 2007

Anita Roddick's very red chart

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, has recently been in the news announcing that she has hepatitis C, contracted through a blood transfusion when she gave birth to her daughter in 1971. Famous for combining social and ethical campaigning with success in business, she is now on a mission to raise public awareness of hepatitis C and get more government funding to help treat the disease.
Born in 23.10.1942 in Littlehampton (no time of birth available; chart set for noon), Roddick's Sun is still just in Libra, a Sign it shares with 4 other planets. With Libran qualities emphasised, it's not surprising that she has demonstrated a strong sense of fair play in those fields of endeavour she is famous for. Considered to be the originator of many aspects of ethical consumerism and business, she was also a pioneer of fair trade in the UK. As a social entrepreneur she offered goods for the consumer keen to buy brands that reflected their belief system.
Her chart is predominantly red. There are 6 red, 2 green and 3 blue aspects giving her an imbalance of "doing" and "being" energy - the red, "doing" motivation dominates, and this is effectively embodied in the two closely placed Efficiency Triangles which dominate the chart. Both figures focus on Jupiter at the apex, at the "outlet" point of these figures - fitting for an entrepreneur with a strong sense of social justice who is not likely to say "no" to a challenge!
Although Jupiter is at the sharp end of this figure, the planets that drive it are her Aries Moon and her Libran Sun, Venus and Mars. The Sun/Moon opposition indicates a potential battle between head and heart when decisions have to be made, but the inner conflict that the placements of these planets implies find its expression through Jupiter in Cancer and her entrepreneurial need to DO something, together with a strong social conscience and caring for more than just making money.
She took some knocks and harsh criticism last year when she sold The Body Shop to L'Oreal, not renowned for ethical testing of its cosmetics, but business associates claim that the sale wasn't about the money; she had already announced that she was giving away her fortune to support other ethical entrepreneurs.
Her health may be poor - she has cirrhosis of the liver and will need a transplant - but her campaigning spirit is strong. Her mission now
is to bring hepatitis C centre stage and raise the profile of this often-forgotten disease, something that the red motivating energy in her chart will surely be applied to.

Of herself, Roddick says: "I'm not a good business-woman......most entrepreneurs aren't. We're delinquents. Everything these days is to do with economics - people speak as if you were put on this earth to keep the economy going. Well I'm sorry, no f***ing way. I'm here to be a good mother, a wonderful friend and an activist. End of story".

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