31 Jan 2007

Astrological Symbolism - it's all around!

Beach Huts by Maylis Curie
Yes, you'll recognise this image if you look at the header of this blog! But did you wonder why I chose these brightly coloured beach huts to be the headline pic for an astrology blog? Read on....!

A very good, fun way to bring astrology to life on an everyday basis, is to look for astrological symbolism in everyday life. It's something that anyone who has a basic understanding of astrological principles can do, and whether you're a beginner or a seasoned astrologer, it's something that will help make astrology part of your everyday life.

This stunning shot of brightly coloured seaside beach huts shows the colours used in the Huber Method for the Zodiac Signs. On birth charts, the Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are shown in red, Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in green, Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius in yellow, and Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in blue.

Astrological symbolism is all around if you open your eyes and mind to it. Many years ago as I was driving home from an astrology conference, I saw a large high-sided black lorry lurking in a layby. The only words on its side were "Shadow Transport" - shades of Scorpio there! A conference centre complex on the outskirts of a town in East Anglia boasts on a placard "Saturn conference facilities - let us take care of your organisation".

Friends were going to stay at a holiday hotel complex in Majorca where the 3 hotels on the site were named "Mars", "Jupiter" and "Saturn". As they were visiting for a second time, I asked them to describe the hotels. Mars was noisy, with lots of activities going on and got a bit rowdy at night. Saturn was very prim and proper, a bit stuffy and old fashioned - they didn't want to stay in that one. They'd opted for Jupiter, which was very comfortable, with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of food!

We might have found the qualities of Neptune in a breathtaking sunset, witnessed the presence of Mars in violent outbursts and war torn zones and seen the destructive side of Pluto when violent storms or tornados hit somewhere in the world.

Astrological symbolism can be found in the events and images we see and experience every day. Open your eyes and take a look - it's there for the seeing!


Maylis & Hugh said...

Congratulations on your new-look website! Nice Beach hut photo by the way ;-)

GreenAbby said...

I like your blog...it looks cleaner and more professional somehow.

GreenAbby said...

Why not look at JK Rowling's chart, or Daniel Radcliffe?

Ghislaine said...

Dear Joyce,

You are prolific!!! And what a wonderful site: clear, uncluttered, colourful, inspirational – Excellent!

Tell me a secret: where do you get your energy from and your ability to focus? (your red star!?)



Nickie said...

Thanks Joyce – it’s really interesting and useful, it’s really easy to look through.

Well done !!



Sue said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to your revised blog – it looks great. I consult it from time to time and printed out your Strictly Lifeclock piece to send to my aunt who is an avid viewer of Strictly Come Dancing.