16 Nov 2009

The Living Birth Chart

This review of my book The Living Birth Chart appears in the current issue of the Astrological Association Journal, and was written by the Editor, John Green:

This book is a follow up to the 2004 book The Cosmic Egg Timer written by Joyce Hopewell and Richard Llewellyn, which gave an introduction to the Huber Method of astrological work. The Huber Method was developed by Bruno and Louise Huber in collaboration with Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis. This book expands on the previous one, and is a deeper and more practical workbook. Numerous examples and practical exercises are included which enable the reader to gain an understanding of the approach and to develop their own understanding.

Not being a practitioner of the Huber method, I found the book an interesting read, explaining fully and clearly each of the different techniques a Huber astrologer will use to gain insight into a chart. As such, I think this book will be useful to any astrologer wishing to understand those ideas and would certainly be invaluable to any student looking to embark on learning this particular method.

The book starts with an overview of the Huber Method, a very insightful and holistic way of working with astrology. Further chapters explore understanding the motivation and psychology of the person, integrating the personality, integrating with the environment, reconciling the past, present and future and following the spiritual path.

The text is well written with a lightness of touch that makes it an enjoyable read. There are numerous practical exercises in the book for the student to follow which makes this a real workbook for the student of astrology. It’s an approach that isn’t always found as clearly in other astrological schools, and should be applauded as a great way to write for students. My only criticism is that I found the printed charts in the book to be a little small and fuzzily printed, which made it hard to pick out all the details discussed within the text. That aside, this is a great starter book for anyone interested in discovering more about the Huber Method.

The Living Birth Chart is available from the APA on-line Book Shop, from Amazon and from other booksellers.


Posh said...

Looks like a great book. I will probably buy it for my friend who has started to become interested in the Huber method.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Many thanks Posh!