18 Nov 2014

Babies, parents and family relationships

From time to time I write about a newborn baby and show the chart, erected of course for the time date and place of birth, not forgetting to correct the time to GMT where necessary.

With one new baby in my own family, and another expected any time now, it's interesting to look at the chart alongside the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square which  currently all new babies have in their charts.

Born 29.10.2014, London, 10.38

This is an uncluttered chart with two complete aspect patterns - a Small Talent triangle (all blue) and an Efficiency/Performance triangle (all red). The Efficiency/Performance triangle includes the Uranus/Pluto square, and in this baby's chart, the Moon in conjunct Pluto. With no green aspects in this chart, the parents will be able to help  by providing the stimulus for the child to ask questions, search, think and generally not get caught into an either/or way of thinking or approaching life.

For more posts on various babies whose charts I've featured in the past, click on Astrology for Babies in the labels cloud on the left, and also click on Family Model. The Family Model describes the significance of  the parents and the environment to the child, and how this relates to certain planets in the chart. Several charts of well-known people are included here, with speculation on how they were influenced by childhood conditioning.

And for more on aspect patterns, click on the Aspect Patterns label which will lead you to a wealth of posts featuring these.

Recommended reading for more information on astrological psychology in the context of family, chidren and relationships is Family, Relationships and Health, available from the APA Book shop

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