20 Jun 2014

Practical Astrology - taking charge of your life

Regardless of whether you're new to astrology or not, do you ever stop and ask yourself what you're actually doing astrology FOR? Are you doing it for yourself? Or are you using it to help others better understand themselves and their lives? If the answer to the second question is "yes" then the answer to the first question should also be "yes". How can you begin to help someone else understand their chart/life if you've not already done some intensive work on yourself and your own chart? In my experience, learning and using astrology goes hand in hand with taking charge of your life and making changes, following new paths and directions and gaining deeper insights into what truly makes you tick. 

I wrote The Living Birth Chart as a practical workbook for astrologers and students of astrological psychology. It's based on the many workshops I've facilitated over the years and its aim is to bring astrological psychology to life through the practical use of the birth chart. There are plenty of hands-on exersises to dabble in, using your own chart, and topics include
  • Aspect colours and motivation
  • Working with planets (Sun, Moon and Saturn)
  • Influences of childhood and upbringing
  • The Moon Node Chart
There are lots of examples given, using the charts of real people (my thanks to all of those people who allowed their charts to be used) and I don't hide my own chart away either. It's on the cover and I use it as an illustrative example in the book. The book is  practical in nature and style. It offers some real hands-on opportunities to work with your own chart in considerable depth, which I hope will bring some significant "aha!" experiences for the reader. It received a great review from the Editor of the Astrological Journal. You can read what he said here.

The Living Birth Chart is a follow-on book to my co-authored first book, The Cosmic Egg Timer which  gives a comprehensive introduction to the Huber Method of astrological psychology. Both books are available on line from various sources, are available as ebooks and can be purchased from the APA Book Shop.


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