3 Feb 2014

Nature v Nurture - The Family Model

In my book The Cosmic Egg Timer, I include a chapter giving guidelines on how to use the Family Model in the natal chart. Looking at the position of Sun, Moon and Saturn a lot can be learned about the Mother/Father/Child relationships which existed as the individual was growing up.

Sun at the top
The Sun symbolises the will and the mind, and aspects of the personality which relate to "self" - self-confidence, self-esteem and self-identity. When we're young, we're not yet ready to take on board developing these things for ourself, so we project our own Sun on to the person in the family who we assume is playing out that role - it's usually dad, but in these days of changes in family structures, it can also be mum. In such cases, the child will look to the mother to fulfil both parenting roles. Ideally, the Sun in the chart will be placed above the horizon, preferably near the top. Needless to say, it doesn't always happen this way; variations and what they suggest are discussed in The Cosmic Egg Timer.

Saturn at the bottom
Saturn in the chart is symbolic of our physical self (see previous post on the ego planets) as well as security in all its different manifestations. Security means different things to different people, but one thing's for sure: we all need to feel secure, especially when a child. Who is the first person to offer such security and protection? Mother of course, so we tend to project our own Saturn on to her. She's the one who gives out the rules and guidelines of how things should be as we grow up. Please don't fall into the trap of gasping and rejecting Saturn as mother when you may be attached to thinking of the Moon as mother. Mum can be Saturnian and loving at the same time. She (or the person who fulfils this role) is usually the one who keeps us on track. Ideally, Saturn will be placed below the horizon in the chart and you can read more of why this is in the book.

Moon in 7th
Moon represents our inner child and how we express ourselves through our feelings (again, see my previous post on the ego planets) so it won't come as a big surprise to discover that the Moon symbolises the child - ourselves as we grew up - in the context of the Family Model. The Moon is best placed in the chart where it can make and receive contact with others. A 7th house placement is ideal, but not too many things in the chart fall into the category of "ideal", so let's say that the Moon is likely to be well-placed if it's somewhere in the region of the DC, where it has the best chance of connecting with others.

You'll find much more about the Family Model in my co-authored book The Cosmic Egg Timer, where family relationships, family dominance, and specific bonding between child and one or both parents is covered. The book is available as an ebook and as a paperback.

Comment by A. Gregory, newcomer to astrology, on The Cosmic Egg Timer:
"This impressive book explains astrological psychology clearly in a logical and progressive manner. It enabled me to examine my own chart, and those of family and friends. I came away with a deeper awareness of myself, and greater understanding of astrology. It has left me wanting to know more!"

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