11 Oct 2013

The Hallowe'en Uranus/Pluto square

It's Uranus/Pluto time again. These two mighties will be exactly square once again on 31st October, but of course, they have been edging closer, just shifting and wriggling in their seats a bit for some time now as they dock into the exact square position once again.

Here's the chart for 31st October 2013, set for noon in London.
Uranus is on the pointy end of the large, quadrangular Model aspect pattern which has 1 red, 2 green and 3 blue aspects. The Model is large, covering a wide area within the chart, and is fixed in motivation, meaning that it strives towards maintaining and preserving resources, ideas, structures. Uranus itself works along these lines, seeking for the perfect world and the betterment of what currently exists. That's why it's the planet associated with change, revolution and upheaval - these things often have to come first before things can get better.

In my book Aspect Patterns in Colour I describe the Model as "a predominantly blue/green firgure, making it sensitive and receptive, with one red aspect providing energy and drive. Its component parts are a Dominant Learning triangle, a Projection figure and a Small Talent triangle. The red/green planet is alert, influded with nervous energy and a focal point within the figure." Uranus is the red/green planet in this aspect pattern at this time.

The presence of a Model in a chart suggests high aspirations which should not be distracted by pessimism because the Model's centred persistence can offer courage and hope to others. Along with Pluto in square to Uranus, the other pinning planets are Mars, with Sun, Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio joined by the presence of the Moon's Node. 

The energies in that conjunction are something to be aspired to in the overall, global state of affairs of humankind, and the call to be persitent, courageous and work in hope to make needed changes in the world, rather that give up, are in evidence in many areas of life. Organisations such as Avaaz, 38 Degrees, WWF and Greenpeace are living examples of this. And of course, there are many more.

Hallowe'en, when this conjunction occurs, has a become a commercialised time of Trick or Treat. According to Wikipedia the meaning of Hallowe'en, a contraction of "All Hallow's Evening" is a yearly celebration, observed in some countries on October 31st, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows or All Saints and the time in the church's year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs and all the faithful departed believers. It is also the Celtic feast of Samhain, also known as Calan Gaeaf, the start of the dark time of the year when spirits or fairies could cross into our world and the souls of the dead were particularly active.

Putting Hallowe'en alongside this Uranus/Pluto square and the Model aspect pattern that will form at the same time, here are  few questions which you might like to consider

  • what would you like to change in your own life?
  • what would you like to change in the world?
  • how responsible do you feel about making these changes?
  • how much courage would you need?
  • how much hope do you have about such changes?
  • how could you engage with the energies of the Scorpio planets in conjunction at this time?
  • do you have some Uranian fire in your belly to get you started?

The acts of courage of yesterday,
If they seem to us
To be old fashioned,
Have retained entirely their capacity
To arouse the heroic deeds
Of today.
The dust which can cover them
Does not come from decay,
It is the proof of tears 
And battles of yesteryear.

Pere Andre Marie


Barb said...

Bonjour Joyce,
How are you? It has been a long time since we chatted last time. Hoping that life is beautiful for you,B and your family.

Change... This year has been tremendous. Akin to being handed a aledge hammer to knock my way out of a place where I have been. Someone said once that you have to break down( including tears,depression or anger) to build up.I believe it.

I look forward to chatting on e- mail.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks so much for sharing that comment, Barb. Yes, life can feel like a sledge hammer at times, and this does coincide with the activites of Uranus in our own charts. So true that some things have to go - but what is broken down leaves space for something new to grow in its place. Uranus embodies the principle of maintenance and change - things (and we) have to change first before a new security and stability can emerge in the space that has been created. Take care...

Joyce x