8 Aug 2013

Using Age Progression - Understanding Life's Journey

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book  
Using Age Progression - Understanding Life's Journey

The timing system of Age Progression through using the chart as a Life Clock is often the technique which grabs the attention of newcomers and seasoned astrologers the most. You might wonder why this would be so, but stop for a moment and consider this question. If you had a tool which identified precisely where you are now in your life journey, and which took into account the psychological and developmental phase you’re currently moving through, together with what this means for you as a unique individual, wouldn’t you want to use it?

Drawing on the energy dynamic of the houses, not the zodiac signs, Age Progression and the Age Point can be used to trace the developmental and psychological phases of life from birth through childhood and adolescence and on into maturity. Using specific techniques it is possible to chart the life journey and significant life experiences of any individual. Age Progression and the movement of the Age Point can be used for personal development and greater self-understanding when working on your own chart, and as it is not static, it can be a very useful resource if we hit a rough patch in life. It offers insights into what is being experienced, and how, as well as showing that things will move on; we do not need to be stuck there indefinitely, unless we choose to. With study and experience, Age Progression can be used effectively as a personal tool, and it can be used with clients by professional astrologers and counsellors trained in the Huber Method of astrological psychology.
Age Progression was developed after extensive research by Swiss astrologer/psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber, and it is probably the most sophisticated astrological approach to understanding what is going on in life at any given point in time. 

The book is in full colour and has a wealth of colour charts and examples illustrating how to use Age Progression. I wrote this book to share some of my experiences of using this technique over the past 26 years on myself, with clients, family and friends. It's never let me down, it never ceases to amaze me and it's a constant reference point which I use in my chart and in my life. I've written about it many times on this blog - look in the Labels list in the sidebar for LifeClock and Age Point to find where.

Using Age Progression is available at the 
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brad kochunas said...

How may I find out the Table of Contents?

Joyce Hopewell said...

Contents include Age Progression through the Houses, House zones, on the Balance & Low Points, journey of Age Point through the Signs, aspects to planets by the Age Point, section on Age Progession in the Moon Node chart and 10 interpretations of charts of well known and ordinary (real!) people using Age Progression. Book is fully illustrated throughout with examples of all techniques described, and all charts are in colour.

Hope that answers your question - thanks for stopping by.