23 Oct 2012

Uranus square Pluto - an update

I wrote about the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square some time ago, likening it to The Clash of the Titans. You can read what I wrote here. I said at the time that the second exact square between Uranus and Pluto would be on 19th September 2012, so now's a good time to take another look at this aspect in the context of a) what's going on right now, and b) the change in the overall aspect structure in the chart for 19.09.2012 (set for noon, in London).
Here we have a completely linear chart - the motivation is restless, tangential, and the quality of the energy is cardinal. Expect, from this starting point, erratic and unexpected events. The chart has no green aspects, which bring consideration, thought and awareness. The aspects are red and blue, a combination which indicates an either/or, all-or-nothing approach. Uranus and Pluto are completely separate, their square looking like a saw ready to cut through the nearby blue aspects, or a trip wire lurking and waiting for something or someone to unexpectedly fall. Compare this with the initial chart on the right, when the Uranus/Pluto square first kicked off.   

What might this linear, red/blue chart possibly reflect about recent events? The conflict in Syria continues, with devastating and disruptive consequences for the ordinary people caught up in this civil war. There is a general restlessness in many parts of the world - Greece and Spain are struggling financially within the European Union and in the UK where I live, we are told that if we think things are bad now, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Public sector workers demonstrated in London this past weekend, threatening a general strike if the current cutbacks on wages continue. There are undercurrents of dissatisfaction in many walks of life, but there are two things which stand out as being manifestations of this ongoing square. The first is the uncovering of the long term cheating through drug usage by Lance Armstrong, 7-times winner of the Tour de France. He has been totally discredited and stripped of his status as winner and it has been revealed that he ran a drugs ring and bullied fellow team members to take drugs. A bully and a cheat in a high profile position has been outed. Not for nothing is Pluto in Capricorn, throwing out what is no longer needed, aided and energised by Uranus in Aries.

Closer to home in the UK, more and yet more is emerging about Jimmy Savile, who died last year. Savile was a high profile BBC presenter, charity worker and now apparently a rampant serial paedophile. He who worked in TV, was knighted by the Queen for his charity work, and who hosted many programmes especially for children in the 1970's and 80's also turns out to have been a bully, a groper and molester of underage girls and boys in the BBC studios, and at the hospitals where he did charity work. More and more accusations from the adults he molested when they were children are emerging following a TV documentary by a commercial channel. This has brought to light not only Savile's behaviour, but the possibility that the BBC ignored or repressed this news and turned a blind eye to Savile's manipulation. As I write this, the Director of the BBC is appearing before a UK Government Committee to answer questions on this matter.

It's not difficult to see Pluto in Capricorn at work here, exposing the underbelly of what was happening in a much-respected establishment - the BBC. The square to Uranus in Aries is firing up this exposure - Uranus at its highest level seeks the perfect world. Pluto seeks the perfect being.

Seems like there could be plenty more of this to come......


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I was given your link by my good friend Barbara who lives in Paris. She gave me a little insight into Astrology, and said that Jupiter was in transition in my star sign Gemini .. in fact I think Jupiter started transition in my sign on my birthday ..June 11th .. just wondering if you could tell me a little bit more ..no worries if you can't . Anne

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Anne - welcome! Yes, I know you are a friend of Barbara, as I am too. You're right about Jupiter, it is in Gemini and for those with Sun in this sign it can bring a whole new perspective on life as well as lots of new opportunities (if you want to take them up!).

As Gemini is the sign closely associated with gathering information and learning new things, you may find that you're drawn to opening up new pathways in this direction with Jupiter in your sign.

It may be useful for you to look at my video on "Jupiter and the Art of Risk Taking" The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXtMmnQwdeY

You may also find it useful to have a look at what I say about Gemini on my YouTube channel too - so you can kind of put the two together and hopefully this will make some sense for you - or at least point you in the right direction.

Enjoy this transit of Jupiter - it's a wonderful, benelovent energy to have around and it urges us to open new doors to widen our understanding and perceptions.