5 Oct 2012

James Bond and The Beatles

No, James Bond and The Beatles is not the name of a new music group. It relates to something more unusual than that. On 5th October 1962 in London the first Bond movie - Dr. No -  and the first recording by The Beatles - Love Me Do - were both released, 50 years ago today. No time is available for either event, so the chart is set for noon.

It'a an interesting chart. Historically, the Swinging Sixties were poised to take off and in the chart you can see the approaching Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo is ready to form. The chart has mainly green and blue aspects, perhaps reflecting the escapist qualities of film and the creative qualities of music. An Ear/Eye also known as an Information triangle aspect pattern, pinned by Sun/Mercury, Neptune and Pluto sits slighly apart from the overall aspect structure, the blue trine from Sun to Saturn looking like a scanning beam coming from a hovering UFO.

The two red opposition aspects form the internal core of an incomplete Irritation rectangle, itself a fairly rare pattern. The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus has a "wake up" feel to it, and that is precisely what was in the air at the time - big changes started to happen in the 60's. Likewise, Saturn's opposition to the Moon's Node in Leo could also have been calling for a spot of risk taking and approaching life with more gusto. The Irritation triangle is open, with one side missing. It's the side that faces on to the sign of Leo, allowing some of this abundant energy in to what would otherwise be a tightly and rigidly held, highly sensitive, rectangular pattern.

Wasn't that what the incoming vibrant energies of the 60's challenged? The "proper", stiff upper lip approach? The music of The Beatles was in the vanguard of breaking down barriers, and the James Bond films set out to thrill in a way not seen before, even though the Bond novels by Ian Fleming - himself once an agent involved in secret wartime work - had first been published in 1953.

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