17 Sep 2012

The Libra time of year

The Sun enters Libra on or around 23rd September and this marks the Autumnal Equinox - the point in the year when day and night are of equal length as the Sun crosses the equator and goes on its way south to bring spring and summer to the southern hemisphere, leaving us in the northern hemisphere to experience first autumn, and then winter.

Balance and harmony.......
The qualities of Libra are not about balance for nothing - the equality of day and night, the point when the balance between dark and light are the same. This is echoed in the esoteric seed thought for the sign of Libra: 
I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force

This seed thought could be an effective reminder to anyone who is in any kind of conflict. You don't need to take up arms, or do someone down, or go into battle or get revenge on another person because there is a third way.

You can choose to step out of the polarisation of right/wrong which has you in its grip and go instead by the path which leads to neither. This will leave you feeling a lot better and with the energy to do something positive in the world.

As it's the start of autumn (or fall if you live in the US), here are some views of this time of year. If you're interested in astrology you can't separate this from the movement of the Sun and how this affects the world we live in. And autumn is a beautiful time of year - Keats called it the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..."

Spider's web outlined with dew in the autumn sunshine

A bee collects pollen from an autumn-flowering plant
Autumnal scene by the river
Season of mists...

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