23 Feb 2012


Gutsy singer-songwriter Adele has recently received a whole raft of awards for her music. Born on 5th May 1988 in London, there is no reliable time of birth available so her chart is set for noon.

The focus here will be on her inner motivation, as shown by the aspect colours and patterns in her chart. It's possible to work with a chart in this way if there is no time of birth available, but bear in mind that the orientation of the chart will not be accurate. With a mixture of triangular and linear aspects, Adele will be motivated to be flexible and changeable in her approach to life. With a large number of red aspects and very few blue aspects, we can expect her to be a "doer" who doesn't find it easy to rest and relax. The chart image supports this too - to me it looks like a diabolo toy, something which is balanced on a rope and has to be in constant movement to maintain that balance.

A very Taurean lady, Adele has her Taurean Sun closely conjunct Jupiter, emphasising Taurean traits of earthy practicality and creativity. Taurus also rules the throat and is the sign associated with singers. Sun and Jupiter together suggest expansion, a larger than life approach, the ability to seize opportunities and take risks. They will also support dogged determination and a lot of staying power and physically, a solid frame. Adele is a curvy lady with a big powerful voice, and this makes a refreshing move away from the "expected" norm of pop singers being stick-like thin.

Opposite Sun/Jupiter is Pluto in Scorpio, adding underlying strength to her Taurean determination, and keeping the red energy of this aspect in a state of tension. In the Ambivalence figure, the opposition is where work and activity take place. The planet at the blue corner - for Adele this is Neptune - is where she will go to escape the "doing" to find refuge in "being", and it's possible that this is where her creativity comes into play.

Rumours are flying that Adele is engaged, after the flashing of what looked like an engagement ring at the recent Brit awards. If it was an engagement ring, and a big one, that sounds just what a Taurean would want. But that is rumour. What is fact is that Adele's Age Point is approaching the 5th house cusp, and when an individual enters the 5th house at age 24, psychologically they are geared up for relationships.

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