3 Nov 2011

The Scorpio time of year

The Sun went into the sign of Scorpio on 24th October, and will stay there until 23rd November - this is the Scorpio time of year.

It's the time of year when the nights grow longer,
it gets dark earlier, it's dark in the mornings and if you're like me, it's the time of year to go into hibernation mode. OK, so some readers are in the southern hemisphere, where this is reversed, and some live in parts of the world where there is less differentiation between day and night (like if you live near the Equator) so yes, I'm writing this from my northern European perspective.

What is the
Scorpio time of year about (again, as experienced in the northern hemisphere)? In the agricultural calendar, which the signs of the zodiac follow in terms of the tasks and labours that are to be done, it's the time of year when seeds for winter wheat might be sown. The wine, made following the Libran grape harvest, will be poured into vats to mature in storage. It's also the time of year when fungi are harvested, and traditionally truffle hunters would take pigs out into the woods to search out these delicacies which nowadays can fetch small fortunes when sold to restaurants to feed gourmet diners.

Scorpio as a zodiac sign has some distinctive features and is often called the sexiest sign of the zodiac. You can see what I say about Scorpio in this short video on my Astrochat Channel
on YouTube.

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Barb said...

Bonjour Joyce,
You have done a very informative and entertaining video. I enjoy your you tube videos.

I have to agree with both the intensity and secrecy of this sign.
I have two close family members that are Scorpions(including Mum).
So, I have had hands on experience with Scorpio :)

Take care xo