20 Apr 2011

The Royal Wedding

This is the chart for the Royal Wedding - the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton - on 29th April 2011 at 11.00am in London.

I'm not going to make any predictions about their life together, just offer a few observations on the chart which marks this point in time. It will be a day of considerable significance for them as marriage is a big committment, even more so if you're doing it this publicly and - in Kate's case - marrying into a high profile family firm with a long trail of scandals and divorces.

Red aspects are predominant in the chart, suggesting the presence of a lot of energy and activity. The triangular aspect patterns indicate flexibility and an easy adaptation to change - something which both Wills and Kate could need to cultivate as the royal family is not held in such high regard as it was 50 years ago. They have already established a more "normal" lifestyle - but will the powers that be want this to change?

The overall aspect structure in the chart is very vertical. There are 5 planets in Aries, on view up at the top of the chart. This gives a strong emphasis to Houses 10 and 4 - the Individuality axis - in 10th there is the ability to stand out and be recognised. But in 4th sits steady Saturn indicating a firm "feet on the ground", practical approach. In this chart Saturn provides the necessary grounding and an anchor point.

With so many planets in Aries, this event rightly looks high profile. The large stellium of planets suggests the potential for something new; hopefully William will enjoy a happy marriage with Kate, something which eluded his mother Diana.

Although this chart is heavy on Aries energy, it's interesting that the Sun is actually in Taurus and stands to one side, slightly away from the the main action at the top. Symbolically, the Sun could be the Queen, herself a Sun Taurus, standing to one side and allowing her grandson his special day in the public eye.

Here's wishing Wills and Kate all the best - a happy,memorable day on 29th, and a long and happy married life together.

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