22 Nov 2010

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton (rapidly becoming dubbed as Catherine since her engagement to Prince William on 16th November) was born on 9.1.1982 in Reading, UK. Her chart is set for noon as no time of birth is yet available. If it is publicised officially by Buckingham Palace, I'll update the chart. Watch this space!

After 8 years together, including a split (see my posting on Willam's chart - search for "Royalty" or click on this in the Labels cloud) the couple have decided to wed. The British public are relatively underwhelmed by the news as it's been long-expected, although the media are already working themselves into a frenzy of speculation over the wedding plans. Welcome to life in the big spotlights, Kate.

Middleton's chart offers some interesting speculation on the kind of underlying motivation she might have. With only red and blue aspe
cts (there's an absence of green aspects which offer greater awareness and a more balanced use of the energy available), Middleton will tend to have an either/or approach to life with low emphasis on half measures or shades of grey. Her chart shaping suggests she is flexible and can adapt well to changing situations and circumstances, something which will stand her in good stead as she learns the ropes of the family firm she'll be marrying into. It also shows considerable restlessness and the capacity to move on to new things. Again, this could stand her in good stead but it may also be a source of frustration if she feels tied or bound by her duties as consort to the future king.
Her chart contains one complete aspect pattern, the all-red Efficiency/Performance triangle (aka the T-square if you're a conventional astrologer). This is interestingly pinned by Sun, Moon and Saturn, known as the ego planets in astrological psychology. These relate to our body (Saturn), feelings (Moon) and mind (Sun) and when all 3 are found in the same aspect pattern they can act well together and are interdependent. Middleton may be able to balance out the needs of all 3 aspects of the ego structure, but it's more likely that one of them will dominate. With Saturn at the apex of this figure, it's likely that she will have a strong awareness of duty, structure, organisation, and an ability to be just and fair (Saturn is in Libra) as well as have a certain power and strength (Saturn is conjunct Pluto) which may as yet be untested. Certainly, as a possible future queen, these could be strengths to draw upon.

Her Capricorn Sun says a lot about her ability to wait patiently for William to pick the right moment to propose. Capricorn is the sign
which bides its time, carefully making its way towards its goal, in no special hurry to get there. It's also the sign which we could associate with a family business where the younger generation inherit and run the show when the generation above them retires. She comes from a family who run their own business and will be marrying into the royal family firm, taking on a key note role.

Her red/blue chart is complemented by William's more green chart. He will bring more awareness and sensitivity to their partnership; she will provide initiatory energy and "doing" capacity. They share Cancerian Moons and William's Sun is also in this sign, as was his mother Diana's. Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs but have the ability to complement each other well. The watery emotional Cancerian drives can find grounding in the earthy practicality an
d organisational abilities of Capricorn. She could prove to be a rock for William, and an important source of support and encouragement. With no time of birth available, it's hard to say in which area of life she might be expressing her Saturn at the apex of the Efficiency triangle, but I'm reminded here of the present Queen's chart which I wrote about some time ago (again, click on or search for "Royalty") which has an Efficiency triangle with apex Saturn right at the very top of the chart.

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Barbara said...

Hello Joyce,

It is hard not to hear the news about the engagement! Even in France, we had tons of news reports.

I am not very much into royalty in general. But, it is interesting to just see the individual.

I can relate a bit to Ms. Middleton's chart. You know me; I also have almost all blue & red aspects! Call us: worker bees :)

Take care and stay in touch.

accurate psychic said...

It is nice to see Kate's reading. True enough she is destined for royal. May these two live in harmony together.