11 Sep 2010

The Family Model: David Cameron's new baby

In astrological psychology, the Family Model is a very useful tool for understanding how an individual might have experienced their family set-up when they were children. All too often, some of the conditioning received during formative childhood years sticks around far longer than is necessary for adults and can cause problems and hang ups throughout life. Working with the Family Model can help people recognise and accept this, enabling them to move forward making their own life choices rather than be quite so heavily influenced by the expectations laid upon them in childhood.

In the Family Model, the Sun represents the father or the person who took on this role, and is ideally placed somewhere in the upper part of the chart. Saturn represents the prime person who looks after the safety, caring, nourishment, stability, structure and well-being of the child. Although both parents do this, it is the mother (or someone who takes on this role) who provides the primary mothering principles. Saturn is ideally placed in the lower half of the chart. The child is represented by the Moon, ideally placed somewhere on the horizontal axis of the chart where contact can most easily be made. For more on the Family Model see my book The Cosmic Egg Timer, available at the APA on-line Book Shop.

British PM David Cameron recently became a new dad unexpectedly early whilst on holiday in Cornwall. Florence Rose Endellion Cameron was born on 24.8.2010 in Truro at 12 noon - time quoted by Cameron in BBC News interview. With a noon birth the Sun is at the top of the chart where it can shine and be seen, a fitting place for a father who is Prime Minister...but will he be able to live up to her Virgoan high standards when she's older?! Her Sun has all 3 aspect colours lighting it up, so potential exists for her to develop her own sense of self with considerable awareness.

Saturn is not best placed as it's not in the lower half of the chart where it can offer optimum stability and grounding. It's interesting to see that Saturn is placed just before the 12th house cusp, indicating that mum Samantha (dubbed SamCam by the media) might prefer, as wife of the PM and mother to Florence and her other two children, to stay in the background and away from the glare of publicity. Saturn receives just red/green asepcts, indicating a touchy sensitivity.
The overall shaping of the chart shows a Fixed motivation, so stability is going to be important for Florence.

Moon is in the lower half of the chart and is conjunct Neptune in 4th house. Florence may well enjoy and need the security of home and family, to the extent of not wishing to move far away, even when she's old enough to do so. Neptune conjunct Moon could indicate some special creative talent, but with an Aquarian Moon she could well want to do her own thing. This could prove interesting, as Moon is opposite Sun (she was born on the Full Moon); there could be clashes between her and dad.

Florence's chart has a relatively unusual aspect pattern - the Irritation Rectangle - which is pinned on 3 of its 4 corners by Sun, Moon and Saturn - the planets representing the Family Model. This suggests a close and binding relationship could exist between her and her parents, one she might not easily break away from because of its binding nature and its sensitive red/green combination of aspects.

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