10 May 2010

Nick Clegg's Birth Chart

I can't vouch for the absolute accuracy of the time of birth I've discovered for Nick Clegg (on the Astrological Association web site), but it's an advance on the noon time I set the chart for in a previous post, when no time of birth was known. I've checked out this time of birth alongside his current Age Progression, and it makes some sense. I'm giving it a go anyway.

Data is 7.1.1967 at 05:56, Chalfont St. Giles, UK.

In view of Clegg's current position as holder of the balance of power as he and the two other main UK political parties are in close discussion about whether or not they will form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, I'm offering a swift run down on the main features in his chart.

Inner motivation is mutable/dynamic, able to adapt to changes, go with the flow, bend and be flexible.

Motivation by colour of aspects - a predominantly red/blue chart with a lack of green aspects. This contradicts his adaptable & flexible inner motivation. He may be hard to budge (no bad thing if he's driving a hard bargain for electoral reform) and will have quite firm either/or attitudes.

His chart is mainly "I" sided - a more private person but could also be self-aware. No bad thing in a politician.

He has insightful/inner resources in planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, which are all on Low Points. Saturn is opposite Uranus/Pluto which are conjunct and straddle the Low Point in the 9th House. These planets are all intercepted - no way out for them apart from via the planets they aspect , which are Neptune and Sun.

At the same time, and to balance these Low Point planets, he has the ability to come on strong with cuspal or near-cuspal planets Mercury, Mars and Neptune.

Mars appears most significant as the highest planet in the chart, right on the MC, and it's going to be working very hard at this point in time, fighting and taking what are hoped will be courageous moves to create something new for our dilapidated country and economy.

Using Age Progression with the birth time of 05:56, his Age Point is making a square to Mars on the MC and an opposition to his Capricorn Sun, forming an Efficiency triangle, which in itself is an aspect pattern about hard work, use of energy and achievement. Sun is conjunct cuspal Mercury, giving it an extra boost when negotiating. And never underestimate someone with a Capricorn Sun. They will explore all avenues of possibility before making a final decision, their risk assessment and damage limitation awareness is second to none, and they tend to be extremely reliable.

Let's hope that's true for Nick Clegg.

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Mary L English got 5:30 am by Nick Clegg's office.