9 Apr 2010

Brown, Cameron or Clegg?

The UK general election, to take place on 6th May, is already totally dominating the news and having the effect of turning potential voters off the whole thing. Generally speaking, we Brits are fed up with politicians who don't deserve our trust, and those hoping to get a seat at Westminster are no doubt wishing amnesia on the public about the recent scandal of MP's expenses claims alongside the dire financial situation we are in.

So - Gordon, Dave or Nick for PM? Who are we supposed to be voting for...a party leader, a party, their policies....or
the prospective candidates who are standing in the constituency where we happen to live? The campaign is being conducted as though it's one of the first three I've mentioned, so here are the charts of the leaders of the three main parties.
Gordon Brown, Labour part
y leader, born 20.2.1951, Giffnock, Scotland. You can read what I wrote about Brown's chart when he was 56 by clicking here. Brown has a very green chart. Lots of green aspects indicate sensitivity and combined with the relatively high number of red aspects, a fair bit of touchiness too. But we already know about that - see my more recent post "Gordon Brown a bully?" Brown's chart has an Ambivalence figure (it's part of a larger aspect pattern called a Bijou, but nonetheless, the tendency to ambivalence is present, with the tension of the opposition across the 5/11 Relationship axis of his chart.

What about David Cameron? Conservative party leader, born on 9.10.1966 at 06:00 in London, his chart contains only one green aspec
t and is largely red/blue which suggests someone with a predominantly either/or approach to life. Interestingly, his chart contains not one, but two Ambivalence figures. The tension in the oppositions here lie across the 2/8 Possessions axis, and the 6/12 Existence axis. Take a closer look,too, at Cameron's and Brown's charts - they both have Saturn close to the DC, placed like a sentinel prepared to defend against all boarders who try to get close before they, the individuals concerned, are ready to reveal things about themselves.
Finally, a look at the chart of Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat party leader, born 7.1.1967, Chalfont St. Giles UK. Birth time unknown so chart set for noon. Can you spot some similarities with Cameron's chart? Very red/blue; only one green aspect...and...another Ambivalence figure in the chart. There's no way we can know which axis the opposition this figure spans as there's no time of birth available, so instead I'll direct you towards the planet at the all-blue corner of this figure, which is often called the "escape planet". It indicates the nature of interests or activities the person gravitates towards when they are in blue "rest" mode as opposed to red "active" mode (hence the ambivalence). Clegg, Cameron and Brown all have Neptune at this point (in Cameron's case, it's at the blue corner of one of the Ambivalence figures; Uranus/Pluto are at the blue corner of the other figure in his chart).

You can read much more about the Ambivalence figure in my earlier detailed post about this aspect pattern, and much more again in the books available on-line at the APA Book Shop. But now it's over to you, if you're a UK voter. What I've written may or may not offer any insights into the charts of the three main contenders, but it does make for some interesting speculation. Bear in mind, too, which of these three men might be willing to cooperate in a hung, minority or, as it's now being termed, a "balanced" parliament. We live in interesting times!


Leo the Lioness said...

Can you look at their charts from the age point perspective and offer any insights?

Joyce Hopewell said...

Cameron & Clegg are both 42, the age which can herald a new orientation in professional and family life, but it also
sets them on the road towards the low point of the whole chart at 45/46, and the mid-life crisis.

Brown is 59, coming to the end of the 10th house in the chart which is associated with authority and standing up as an individual, and at theoretically at a point of distancing himself from a younger generation - but take that with a pinch of salt. He's got young children which will offset the effects of this.

Much more info on all of this in "LifeClock" by the Hubers, available on line at


Anonymous said...

Great site! I have one question that I couldn't figure out while reading through your posts. When you're counting red, green, and blue aspects, why is it that some aspected conjuncted planets produce 2 red counts and some produce 1? For example, in Nick Clegg's chart the Sun/Mercury conjunction aspects to Node and Pluto/Uranus produce 4 aspects but sometimes it will be listed as 3 in the count. Thanks!

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you! If planets are less than 3 degrees apart aspects are counted as one from a conjunction. This is detailed in the APA Diploma course and in the Huber's book "The Planets".

I'm currently in the US,and am just about managingtokeep up todate with the election coverage - it's looking interesting.