22 Feb 2010

Gordon Brown a bully?

Chart for Gordon Brown, born on 20.2.1951 at 08.40 in Giffnock, Scotland

The media are currently full of stories of British PM Gordon Brown being a bully. Here's a question for all you astrologers and budding astrologers out there who read this blog:

Where do you see Gordon Brown the bully in his chart?

Leave your thoughts on this in the comments box - I'd really like to know what you think! And I will reply.


chad henry said...

Well, I'm newish to Huber theory, but we see the Mutable/triangular structure--flexibility--lots of greens (sensitivity) and blues (laid-back, stubborn or stuck); but also two oppositions that carry a lot of tension and energy. Somewhat horizontal--a relationship person. A Yod (guess Huber didn't specify this aspect picture) and more planets on the "me" side. Neptune near the Desc should be helpful and self-sacrificing. But the Saturn in 6th opposing a planet cluster in 11th could be a little hard-hitting. Nnode in Pisces means he has to work towards being more accepting and altruistic; in 12th needs to work towards staying further behind the scenes, more retiring?

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Chad, and thanks for your thoughts on Gordon Brown's chart. Valid points you've made here with the Mutable motivation & the sensitivity of the green aspects. The Yod is known as a Projection figure in the Huber Method & significantly involves those intercepted 12th House planets.

Mars is part of the cluster you mention, only aspecting Venus & it has no other aspects. Intercepted, it will be thwarted & frustrated in its expression, which will come out via its conjunction to Venus, which is opposite Saturn on the "You" side of the chart.

I'd also consider Brown's Mercury on the Low Point of 11th, opposite the Moon/Pluto conjunction, which could be pretty explosive!