20 Feb 2007

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister-in-waiting is 56 today. His Age Point is in the 10th House of the chart, so becoming PM is a "now or never" issue for him as Tony Blair's as-yet-unannounced date of departure draws near.

Brown's full data is available (thanks again Caroline) - 21.2.1951, 08.40 at Giffnock, Scotland. Let's have a run through his chart.....

The chart image is of a large wedge shape which dominates the entire chart - it is reminiscent of a door wedge, or a wedge of cheese. The overall structure looks solid and chunky, and it's shaping/motivation is Fixed, suggesting he seeks to preserve and maintain stability in his life, yet it's composed mainly of green aspects. These take the edge off any predispositions of Brown to be totally Fixed and immovable, and add a surprising amount of flexibility and sensitivity - or maybe touchiness and and a tetchy moodiness.

Brown's chart has a very high ratio of green aspects, indicating a lot of thinking alongside the sensitivity and awareness, with less "doing" energy available because of a lower ratio of red aspects, and proportionally even fewer blue aspects, so he may find it hard to just "be". Thinking and ideas are likely to predominate.

Looking at the balance of planets on both "I" (AC) and "You" (DC) sides of the chart, Brown is equally at home interacting with others or spending time alone. Neptune and Saturn flank the DC, suggesting that there are two aspects of Brown that could be perceived on meeting him. One would the sensitive awareness of Neptune, or on a lower level perhaps, its more deceptive, illusory side. The other would be the Saturnian guarded, "proper" and rather dour face that he often shows.

What is interesting is his 12th House Sun - is it going to be a case of more of the same if/when he becomes PM? Blair also has a 12th House Sun....! Brown's Sun, representing his sense of self, mind, will, decision-making process, is very weak by Sign - it's only just into Pisces - but is in the strong Cardinal zone of the 12th House, indicating that the demands of the environment could sometimes be greater than he's able to comfortably deal with. But in 12th, these demands may not be so "public". Note also that the Sun has only green/blue aspects, and has Linear aspects to Uranus and Saturn - this could be good/useful/grounding (Saturn) and perhaps erratic/full of surprises too (Uranus)! His Sun will rely heavily on these 2 planets for outlet and expression, as it is also intercepted (Pisces has no house cusps), along with the other 3 planets and moon's node, also in Pisces. Interesting......does he simply disappear into the 12th House and become invisible?
He has a quadrilateral Aspect Pattern called a "Bijou or Bi-Sho" - the wedge shape that dominates the whole chart. The "Bi" in this unusual name refers to the two sides to the person. The Hubers say of this pattern "This figure has two matching sides that have a harmonious and graceful influence, so that these people could possibly be called 'Bijou' (jewel). This makes them very popular in the long run, and so they occupy a position where they are just irreplaceable. However, they often feel misunderstood". After his long, 10 year wait to get into No.10, Brown might just resonate to the basic meaning of this aspect pattern!

Looking at Brown's LifeClock and Age Point I've chosen a few instances from his recent, personal life - his marriage in August 2000 has Age Point square Mars. Brown's face really lit up with joyful smiles at the birth of his first child, Jennifer Jane in 2002, and he publicly revealed a side of himself in his joy at her birth. Sadly, she did not live long, and her death on 8.1.2002 is shown graphically as the Age Point in his Moon Node chart is conjunct Uranus at the time of her death. His first son, John, was born as Brown's Age Point was sextile Sun and square Saturn, and he was appointed Chancellor back in 1997 when his Age Point was trine Moon.

As he celebrates his 56th birthday, his Age Point is quincunx Moon, and in the 10th House which is a very small one, indicating a period of life when there is likely to be a lot happening. It's in the Sign of Capricorn, too, emphasising the desire for due recognition after many years of toil and labour (Old or New....?!) to reach this position. He must be just itching to move into No.10.

For more on LifeClock, Age Progression and Aspect Patterns see details of the Huber's books on these topics available from the APA Book Shop.

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