4 Mar 2009

Age Progression in action

Happy 3rd Birthday, Blog! I've been writing you since 4th March 2006, and to be honest I didn't like your "birth" chart very much at the time. Someone suggested I should have elected your beginning, but I didn't because I rarely think about using electional astrology, preferring to go with the moment which feels right and then work creatively with that. So at first it was a bit of struggle as you have such a completely red/blue natal chart with no green aspects. That meant I was providing all the ideas and you were sitting there in either blue dormant mode waiting for people to find you and read you, or you were hanging on my apron strings when you were in red mode, demanding attention and input from me.

Over the past 3 years we've come to an agreement and now we work much better together because we both understand more about each other. You'll always be demanding though - you have no green aspects so you'll not have that much awareness that I have a life too and may not always be prepared to give you the attention you crave. Oh yes, it's there alright! Look, you have the Moon as the highest planet in your chart - it's right on the MC - so you thrive on attention and need plenty of feedback. You also have Sun conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the 7th House, so your Uranian, astrologically-oriented sense of self (the Sun) is out there wanting contact and recognition as well as encouraging people to find out more about astrological psychology and the Huber Method for themselves.

Right now it's time to look at your current Age Point, using the Huber Method of timing in the horoscope. At age 3, the hand of your Life Clock is mid-way through the 1st House. You're still busy understanding the world and your own sense of who you are is still being formed. If you were a child, you'd be getting more obstinate and defiant at this age as you sought to assert your own sense of self and your independence. Tantrums could develop as you begin to differentiate yourself from your environment.

You, the reader, can find out more about using the chart as a Life Clock and using Age Progression in LifeClock by Bruno and Louise Huber, in my books Using Age Progression and The Cosmic Egg Timer where you'll find a wealth of information introducing and explaining this technique in an easy to understand way. See the Books tabs at the top of the page for more info. Of course, if you want to go the whole hog and really get into it, I recommend the courses offered by the Astrological Psychology Association.


Anonymous said...

hello and happy birthday, blog ! :)

i`ve just started my own blog today, and i needed an image called "the zodiacal cross" so i`ve googled it. it led me to your blog. could it be the destiny? :)) is it march 04 the best day to start a blog? :P

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you! March 4th is not special or the "best" day to start. Any day is a good day if the time feels right and you have the motivation to do it!

Good luck with the new blog!