1 Oct 2008

The Saturn-Uranus opposition and the global economic crisis

On New Year’s Eve 2007 I posted a few thoughts about the possible forthcoming planetary influences in 2008, and said:

Capricorn has a strong line-up of planets, and Pluto enters this Sign at the end of January, slips back out into Sagittarius in mid-June, but returns at the end of November. Pluto in Capricorn may well bring about transformational changes in structures and forms, organisations and “earthy” practical matters. It may also herald changes in the way personal and global responsibilities are handled. I’m all for that, especially where financial systems and environmental issues are concerned. Saturn, currently in Virgo and set to stay in this Sign throughout 2008 will support, aid and abet by consolidating and making manifest responsible attention to detail and highlighting where duty and true service lies. Oh for a turn around from the “me first and s*d you” attitudes that are seen in many walks of life, towards a more caring and helpful world.

It’s now 1st October, and we are in the throes of global panic and crisis in the financial world. The air is thick with chickens coming come to roost after years of distasteful, disgraceful and inappropriate greed by the so-called Fat Cats. They have run out of their nine lives as far as many ordinary and justifiably angry people are concerned, and as news bulletins offer increasingly depressing news about an impending global depression, attention is focussed on tightening belts and making savings.

Saturn, master player in the qualities of restraint, restriction and taking responsibility is in Virgo. Opposite is Uranus in Pisces. The two planets reach exact opposition on 4th November - the day of the American Presidential election. Many other astrological bloggers are writing about this interesting coincidence. One astrologer I know has pointed out that Saturn/Uranus is symbolic of Republican stasis and the Obama-driven message of change.

In more general terms, Saturn in Virgo will not stand for any messing about. Things have to be done thoroughly and properly, with due care and attention to detail, making sure processes are pip-squeak clean. Nothing will be allowed to be swept away out of sight under the carpet because the carpets will all be taken up and the floor scrubbed clean. Watch out, you Fat Cats. Saturn in Virgo will focus attention on making savings, being more aware of the needs of others and taking greater responsibility, not just for ourselves but of others as well. As someone said to me today “We’ll all have to help each other”.

You can see my video about Saturn on my Astrochat channel on You Tube.

Uranus is surprisingly similar to Saturn in principle. Whereas Saturn seeks to keep things static and maintain the status quo, resisting change because security has been achieved, Uranus also seeks security. But it does so by bringing change, by tearing up the old and often outworn blueprints and drawing on creative, innovative new approaches which will provide security and stability at a different level and of a different kind to the outworn Saturnian version.

In general terms again, Uranus in Pisces suggests a whole lot of turbulence. Forget smooth, calm waters because these watery Piscean oceans are going to get decidedly choppy. If it comes to sinking or swimming, some new and innovative ideas are going to be needed to build the life rafts that will work, because the old kind are not going to work any more. Changes of thinking, of attitude and approach are needed, not a desperate clinging to the known, tried and tested.

I’m reminded of the famous Chinese saying “Crisis is danger and opportunity”. Saturn in Virgo will have an eye out for danger and how best to ride out the situation, leaving Uranus to the task of implementing new opportunities for regaining stability and security. Come the end of November, Pluto will be in Capricorn so don’t expect an easy ride here. Change is the name of the game.


Andyx said...

I agree change is the name of the game. However change comes one person at a time. Me,you and the next chap. Living in the west most of us are fat cats. Some are very fat but compared to the lives of many on our planet we aint got it bad. The really fat cats are likely not going to change, they will just find other sneaky ways of seperating us from our lolly. Each of us has to look at our own levels of greed and if I am not greedy it becomes very hard to sell me some dodgy financial product. Regulation is a personal thing we have to own our own Saturn and not blame someone else.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Andy, and thanks for that reminder about how well off we are in the West and could be seen, from a 3rd world perspective, to be fat cats too.

Yes, change comes from the individual and we forget all too often that we have "the power of one" - i.e. that we can take responsibility for ourselves and bring about changes. And I agree that we have to own our own Saturn and regulate ourselves on a personal level.