10 Sep 2008

A Virgo Line-up

It’s the Virgo month, so here’s a line-up of well-known Sun Virgos, past and present. Of course, it’s more than likely to be a neat, orderly line-up - they are Virgos after all! But just how “Virgo” are they? I thought it would be interesting to keep things simple and just look at

  • How many planets they actually have in Virgo in addition to the Sun, and
  • What the colour balance of red: green: blue aspects is in each chart, as this can give insights into the inner and often unconscious motivation of the individual.

I could find the time of birth of some of these Virgos but not all of them. As I wasn’t sure of the accuracy of the times I found (they weren’t rated/verified in any way) I decided to level the playing field and set up all the charts for noon. This puts those Virgo Suns right at the top of the chart. The orientation of the aspect structure is going to be inaccurate in most cases, but the balance of the aspect colours is more than likely to be correct.

Bearing in mind that the “ideal” balance and ratio of red: green: blue is 4 red: 2 green: 6 blue, and that red = action and doing, green = awareness and sensitivity and blue = stability and maintaining the status quo, here goes! You can read about colour balance and motivation in more depth and detail in my books Aspect Patterns in Colour and The Cosmic Egg Timer - see Books tabs at top of page.

Greta Garbo: Swedish film star, born 18.9.1905, Stockholm. Sun and Mercury in Virgo. 6 red: 2 green: 7 blue aspects. An excess of red “doing” energy there, perhaps offset by the 7 blue aspects, but maybe not much! Image:Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago

Jeremy Irons: British actor, born 19.9. 1948, Cowes, Isle of Wight. Sun and Saturn in Virgo. 5 red: 2 green: 6 blue aspects. Another actor with an excess of red “doing” energy. Virgos work hard at getting things right, perfect and just so! Image: movie.moldova.org

Sophia Loren: Italian film star, born 20.9 1934, Rome. Sun and Venus conjunct Neptune in Virgo. Venus/Neptune seems apt for a steamy, sexy film star! 4 red: 5 green: 5 blue aspects. An excess of green here means she could be very sensitive and touchy as well as changeable, perhaps having people in her surroundings trying to second guess her next move. Image: www.fest21.com

Twiggy: British supermodel, born 19.9.1949. Sun and Saturn in Virgo. 4 red: 1 green: 5 blue aspects. An excess of red, with a slight lack of green. Twiggy, iconic face of the Swinging Sixties, is still working as a model 40 years on. Image: www.dailymail.co.uk

Lauren Bacall: American film star, born 16.9.1924. Sun and Mercury in Virgo. 6 red: 4 green: 3 blue. A lot of red/green compared with her lack of blue aspects, so maybe touchy, driven, and finding it harder to rest and just “be”. Image: navcity.files.wordpress.com

Peter Sellers
: British comedy actor and film star, born 8.9.1925, Southsea. Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo - how’s that for a hard-working perfectionist? 4 red: 3 green: 6 blue aspects. Sellers is perhaps best known for his role as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau in the “Pink Panther” films. A slight excess of green suggests heightened awareness and sensitivity. Image: blogs.sfweekly.com

ice Chevalier: French singer and entertainer, born 12.9.1888, Paris. Sun in Virgo. 3 red: 0 green: 5 blue aspects. Lacking in green he may have veered between the two opposite poles of “doing” and “being”, with little awareness that he was actually doing this. Image: www.musiqueenligne.com


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