8 Jun 2008

Astrological Psychology Association: 25 years old

The Astrological Psychology Association in the UK was founded on 8th June 1983, at 12.30 pm in a pub in London, at a meeting which took place between Richard Llewellyn and Pam Tyler, an American astrologer who introduced Richard to the work of Bruno and Louise Huber at the Astrological Psychology Institute in Switzerland. They met together to discuss the possibility of founding an astrology school which would teach the psychological work of Bruno and Louise Huber, with the specific intention of making the material available to the English-speaking world.

Today, 8th June 2008, marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of APA - its Silver Jubilee. I’m proud to have been involved with the school since 1986, first as a student, then as a tutor (which I still am) and from 1991, as Principal when I took over the helm from Richard Llewellyn, the founder. Let’s have a look at the foundation chart.

For me, the chart image speaks of searchlights or strong beams of light which are mobile and can change direction to illuminate different areas of activity, a valuable thing to bear in mind as API (UK) has to be able to move with the flow of current interests. The shaping/motivation of the chart is a mixture of Dynamic, Mutable energy and Linear, Cardinal energy offering the ability to engage with the course of change yet also to be tangential and able to change direction quickly. The vertical direction of the aspect structure leaves no doubt about the aspirations of APA - to be recognised for the unique and outstanding courses which it offers! Sun/Mars are strongly placed in the Cardinal zone of the 10th House, but they sit alongside the Moon’s Node suggesting that this area of existence and expression is one which has to be developed and lived fully. Neptune in the 4th House is conjunct the South Node, so it may be too easy an option to stay safe and cosy down there with ideals and visions of what we might be, and not develop the will of the 10th House Sun to move forward and achieve autonomy and full recognition.

The colour balance of 2 red: 3 green: 3 blue is inclined towards being caught up in thought and ideas, maybe to the detriment of taking action. The chart is “I” sided, with an equal emphasis on the upper and lower hemispheres. Can APA connect with its roots in the lower unconscious area of the chart? I think so; stressed Jupiter/Uranus close to the IC is a focal point. Can it reach its highest aspirations and assert its individuality in the upper, conscious half of the chart? Possibly….but this takes effort and the use of the will. The pull of the South Node in the 4th House may sometimes prove too tempting, too strong to be ignored. So the message here is “don’t rest on your laurels; harness the power and strength of Sun and Mars in Gemini in the 10th and let the world know you exist - shout it from the rooftops!”. That's what I'm doing!

Both Sun and Mars are strong by Sign, and are prominently placed near the MC in Gemini. Sun/Mars, placed as they are high in the chart, have another strong supporter nearby when it comes to recognition: the Moon sits high and proud on the 9th cusp. This is a strong Moon by Sign and by House. Here, on the 9th House level of higher learning, the engagement with and commitment to astrological psychology of the UK Astrological Psychology Institute can shine and speak out loud from the heart. It can shout aloud about the importance of astrological psychology being the fantastic tool that it is to promote personal and spiritual growth, help people to achieve their potential and become more truly what they may be.

To find out more about strength of planets by Sign and by House, see The Cosmic Egg Timer co-authored by myself and Richard Llewellyn and available on line from the APA Book Shop and from Amazon.


GreenAbby said...

Happy Birthday API. And well done to all of those who've helped sustain it's life this long. Here's to the next 25 years, and beyond!

barbara said...

Happy Birthday to the Astrological Psychology institute !!
Joyce, you are in an unique position to have seen this Instute from the start.

Wishing you and all the collabertors many happy years together.