5 May 2008

Touching the Moon

Just back from a memorable trip in the US, hence no postings for a while, but there have been plenty of interesting experiences while I've been on my Jupiterian travels. I always have my astrological eyes open, and was thrilled to see my own chart image "for real" .

When I first started learning the Huber Method and was looking for images in my own chart, I saw a space command capsule which had been launched from a launch pad and was on a journey to the Moon. In America I visited the NASA Space Centre at Houston and saw the huge Saturn V rocket, which was displayed in sections showing each stage of the rocket, finishing with the command capsule shown above.

It was exciting stuff to see that final stage of the rocket - the command capsule - and really connect with my chart image.

I got to touch the Moon, too! Here I am fingering a piece of heavily guarded Moon rock. . . .

. . . and holding the whole thing in the palm of my hand.

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barbara said...

Hello Joyce,
Well, the world travelers are back ! I'am sure that you both had a grand time.
Very nice transition post to land back home with.I just love the last shot :))

With much love.