11 Jan 2008

Hillary Clinton - in 2008 and in 2015/16

I've added to this blog post several times, the last being in 2015 when Hillary stood for the Democratic nomination, which somehow seems quite while ago now....or is it that so much murky water has flowed beneath the bridge since then?

I can only comment from afar, with input dependent upon news bulletins here in the UK (and goodness knows, we've got enough going on here with our own Brexit mess), but I've lost increasingly on my good night's sleep at the thought of Trump being elected as the next US President on 8th November. 

For goodness sake America, wake up and don't elect a dubious character with no real policies and wandering hands. You know who I mean.

Hillary may not be perfect. She has her faults. According to the Trump team, she's crooked - yet the investigations into her use of a private email server have shown she's done nothing wrong, and she's admitted it was ill-advised to use this method of communication. And she's moved on.

I've already looked in depth at her chart (re-read all I wrote below, especially regarding her Efficiency Triangle.) This woman is a hard worker, she can put in the hours and the energy - and she has the experience of high office to draw upon too. Her Age Point is in 12th House and her chart has, earlier this year, had the second Age Point intersection of her natal and node chart (for more on the node chart refer below, to blog posts on this topic and also my book The Living Birth Chart.) The intersection, or crossing point, often marks an important turning point in the life of the individual.  

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Read what I first wrote in 2008 - then see the additional comments I made as Hillary announced she will stand for selection as the Democratic nominee in 2016. Will she, won't she get the Democratic nomination? Trump seems to think it should be him and no-one else. Sanders appeals to many who are disaffected and seek change.

Clinton was born on 26.10.1947 in Chicago. Her time of birth is not clear, although there seems to be agreement that it was at 20.00 according to the research I've done. As a quick check to see if this might hold up, I note that her Age Point was conjunct Venus at the time of her marriage in 1975, which provides some supportive evidence for this time of birth.

But what of Hillary's chart? The chart structure is composed of two separate aspect patterns: an incomplete Trawler and an Efficiency/Performance triangle. The Trawler is a large figure, quadrangular in shape so therefore Fixed in motivation, and is made up of mainly blue and green aspects. It absorbs and gathers in - quite greedily and needily in the case of the Trawler, whose behaviour and motivation can be likened to an ever-rumbling empty stomach. The food and nourishment it trawls for and seeks to draw in is information and the person has good selective learning ability. In Hillary's chart it lacks the second long green quincunx aspect which may diminish the learning capacity, or make it more of a challenge. Both Sun and Moon - head and heart - are involved in this pattern as pinning planets, with the Moon just in Pisces as the highest planet in the chart. This Moon is in the 10th House, "on show", and could have the effect of making her need feedback and recognition.

The Efficiency triangle, on the other hand, is triangular in shape, making it's motivation Mutable. It rolls with the knocks, at the same time delivering an efficient output of energy in whatever task it undertakes. The planet at the apex of this figure is Saturn, excellent for grounding and making manifest whatever is worked at. The potential drawback in the combination of pinning planets here is that the Moon's North Node is involved. This is not a planet, and has no energy of its own which can be used in the overall drive for performance and efficiency embedded with this aspect pattern. Clinton will have to actively and consciously engage with issues and matters related to the 11th House, where the Node is placed, and the 5th, where the South Node (not shown) is in order for the pattern to function at its highest potential. This means creating a balance between being selective in who she spends time with and learning how to have the common touch.

She can be helped here by her Venus/Mercury conjunction in the 5th House; this provides valuable tools with which to make contact and communicate. But with these 2 planets in Scorpio, and the Sun there too, and all three of them being intercepted (in a Sign with no House cusps), this could be very difficult for her to do. She will rely on Venus/Mercury getting help from her powerfully placed Mars/Pluto conjunction on the cusp of the 3rd House - these planets are connected by a linear red square aspect looking for something to do - so she'll tend to project her relating to others via this powerful pair of planets.

Of course, this is only my speculation, based on what I observe and see on TV and read in newspapers about this particular candidate, but it does offer some speculation on where she might be coming from. As for her LifeClock, she has recently turned 60 and her Age Point is aspecting that North Node, and Uranus, both perhaps indicating a wake up call.

Addendum April 11th 2015 Hillary is poised to announce her entry into the running for the Democratic nomination for Presidential candidate. The Age Progression in her chart shows that her Age Point is now firmly in the 12th House, and in the sign of Gemini, where Uranus is placed. Whilst this current opportunity is likely to be her last chance of running for President, I wonder if she is also being egged on psychologically to seize it and run with it, and potentially become the first female president of the USA. Uranian energy demands change in the established set ups and rocks the status quo. Her Age Point is not making any aspect to planets right now, but it is in the zone of the intersection of Age Points between the natal chart and the node chart, where what is psychologically beneath the surface comes to light and is expressed. As this event is taking place on the 6/12 Existence axis of her chart, it's quite possible that she needs to stand again and to run - maybe to prove a point to herself as well as the outside world, and also to give meaning to herself in the context of her career as a politician. Questions of "Why am I here?" and "What am I supposed to be doing?" will probably have been explored as she prepares to the throw her hat into the ring.

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