2 Nov 2007

Charley Boorman

Actor and adventurer Charley Boorman was born on 23. 8.1966 in Wimbledon, London. No time of birth is available so I've set his chart for noon, which puts the Sun on the MC at the top of the chart. This is unlikely to be accurate, but it's interesting to note that Charley has his Sun in Leo (just!) and is an actor. I've noticed that many showbiz personalities and actors are Sun Leo's - they love to be centre stage and in the spotlight!

Charley travelled with fellow actor Ewan McGregor ( see his chart on 21st October posting) from London to New York by motorbike in 2005. This year both men took another motorbike trip - Long Way Down - as ambassadors for UNICEF, travelling 15,000 from John O' Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa.

Charley's overall chart shaping shows a mixture of Fixed and Mutable motivation. Of Fixed motivation, I say in my book "The Cosmic Egg Timer": A chart with a Fixed aspect structure has figures of four or more sides. It looks solid and firm, and its overall quadrangular shaping suggests that the unconscious motivation of the person will be towards security and stability. They need to know where they stand, to feel safe and secure and to enjoy the substance of life. Fixed energy has an established quality. It seeks to keep things pretty much the same, unchanging, firm and solid. To preserve what is there is its main purpose.

Of Mutable motivation, I write: Here the chart is composed of triangular figures which give a feeling of fluidity, suggesting that the person will be able to adapt and adjust quite readily to life circumstances. They will go with the flow, and will not be too upset by change. Mutable energy is moving energy. It adapts and moves on, seeking to keep this momentum of fluidity, shifting, changing but not stopping.

What does all this suggest about Charley? He's likely to show a mixture of both types of behaviour - on the one hand he wants security, maybe in specific areas of his life. On the other hand, he can adapt readily and take changes and challenges in his stride. I watched the whole series of "Long Way Round" and to date, the first episode of "Long Way Down" which
is being shown on BBC TV. My observations of Charley in these screenings is that he's been far more laid back about things that went wrong, or delays along the way, than was Ewan McGregor. The Mutable motivation was more in evidence, yet there appears to be a strong Fixed secure "core" to Charley. It's clear that his family is extremely important to him - he spoke often of missing his wife and daughters during the Long Way Round trip.

When there's no time of birth available a lot of relevant and insightful information about the person can be gained by considering the chart shaping/motivation, as I just have, and the aspect colour balance/motivation, as I will now.

Charley's chart has 2 red: 2 green: 9 blue aspects. That is a lot of blue energy (that's
where his more laid back approach to life may stem from) and blue energy is similar in nature to the fixity in Fixed motivation. One feeds and supports the other. In "The Cosmic Egg Timer" I say A person who lives life in a "Blue" way seeks substance, security, serenity and stillness, and they would be concerned with the very act of BEING, to enable them to experience and enjoy life. Such a person might have a lot of blue aspects in their chart. Blue aspects have a fixed quality, seeking security and stability.
Charley's chart lacks red aspects so he will function best with someone whose chart has an excess of red aspects: cue Ewan ( see his chart opposite) with his excess of red aspects! The two make a complemetary pair, which is evident in their successful partnership on this trips.

You can read Charley's log of the Long Way Down trip and read more about motivation, aspect shaping and colour in my book The Cosmic Egg Timer available from the APA Book Shop and from Amazon.

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