13 Aug 2007

Bringing the Planets to Life

The planets, in astrological psychology, represent our psychological drives. In the line up above, Jupiter on the left hand side is shown as a rather large person, reflecting the expansive principle and the need to expand our horizons. I wrote in detail about Jupiter, sight and perception (qualities associated with this planet) in my 19th April post.

Venus, who comes next, is associated with the psychological drive to form relationships, as well as to have taste, quality, discrimination and express the feminine principle. Saturn, beside her, is the drive to protect and preserve, be careful and cautious. Although maybe not sounding a bundle of fun, Saturnian qualities are essential in everyday life.

Next comes Mars, the masculine principle - a hot headed, energetic "quick on the draw" energy and drive, which we draw upon when in danger and need to take flight or turn and fight. The Moon is about emotional needs, feelings, empathy and sensitivity to others, whereas the drive we associate with Mercury is the swiftness and speed of mind, ideas and words and how we learn and pick up ideas from others. The internet and blogs themselves are a good example of this!

I shall be featuring individual planets from time to time in future posts, so this is just by way of a short introduction. Below is something written by a student I taught at one of my astrology evening classes. She was complete newcomer to the subject, but she embraced it with enthusiasm and wrote the following:


"Before I started my astrology class, I thought I was a true-to-type Sagittarian - extrovert with an urge to travel, and loving new experiences so always trying to do something different, much to my family's amusement or irritation. The only thing which didn't quite add up was the emphasis on sport. As one of my teachers said long, long ago "Really, Irene, with those long legs I don t Know why you can't run".

The Sun and the Moon were delights in the sky, providing warmth and brightness by day and shining white mystery by night. Now I understand they give me personal power and take care of my emotional needs.

Venus is not only an armless statue or the goddess of Love, but gives me femininity and balance, while Mars that erstwhile God of war actually gives me masculine power and energy.

Quicksilver Mercury, the stuff of science and thermometers, helps me to learn from others, while Jupiter trains me to learn from experience.

If I thought of Saturn at all, it was to remember it had rings around it, or to use the derivative "saturnine" to describe some brooding dark hero. Lo and behold, this planet shows me how to be practical, know my limitations and search for a way to overcome them.

I can't say I ever thought of Uranus at all, but this one is really one after my own heart for it signifies change and should encourage my inventiveness.

Neptune recalled sea-green oceans, ever changing, moody and magnificent, or calm and peaceful, which fits in well with this new concept of being in tune with creation.

As for Pluto, no - not the Disney dog, but the Greek God of the Underworld - this is the planet which will make me conscious of my highest ambitions.

If I roll these strange revelations into a golden circle around me, my new awareness must make me stronger and willing to develop and extend my capabilities and potential."

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barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for the refresher on the planets and their qualities.This is really the essence of life in a sum.
We feel,act, think remember ( or not),evolve,etc etc. Maybe in your future posts, you may tell us about the cycles of each planet.
Each one has it's own rhythm for going across the zodiac.
It's all fascinating.

My special thoughts go out to the Hopewells and your "belle-famille en France", as son Hugh & belle-fille Maylis go way across the pond tomorrow.
You know that I'am thinking of them ( of Lowry & Scarlett, too!).

You take care.