13 Jul 2007


It's Friday 13th, a day and date thought unlucky by some. Today I've been out in the rain (yes - it's still raining hard in my neck of the UK woods!) and have taken to the roads by car to accompany someone on a hospital appointment. All went smoothly.

I arrived at the hospital in time for a leisurely cup of coffee in the friendly and well-run snack bar (a tick for the NHS). Even the appointment began at the appointed time. Full marks NHS - Saturn would be proud of you.

I didn't go out with salt in my pocket in case I needed to throw it over my shoulder to keep the devil at bay. I wasn't forced to walk under any ladders in my path. I left the garlic at home as I forgot to take it with me. Good job I didn't meet any vampires. Even Mercury isn't retrograde.

In the light of no unlucky events happening today so far, it's been a pretty good day in spite of the persistent drenching rain. The Sun is shining somewhere - aha! maybe it's mine!

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