5 Apr 2007

Elton John's Kite & Jupiter

Elton John recently turned 60 ( born 25.3 1947, Pinner. No birth time available on his official website so chart set for noon). As his Age Point entered the 11th House, his threw a lavish party, and dressed up in one of his trademark elaborate and OTT fancy dress outfits, something that he's become well known for. That set me thinking about his dress style way back in the early 1970's when he was thumping out "Crocodile Rock" on "Top of the Pops", seated at the piano and dressed in over-sized specs and knee-high gold boots with enormous wedges and heels. He's never been one to hold back from dressing up, and his style is distinctly Jupiterian!

With such a larger than life presentation, I wondered where and how Jupiter, with its larger than life qualities, might feature in his chart. Although there is no time of birth to work with, making it impossible to say which House Jupiter is in, it's clear to see that it does play a key role in the Aspect Pattern it's a part of. Jupiter, together with Sun, Saturn and the Node, are the pinning planets in the Kite figure in his chart. Sun and Saturn span the sides of the Kite, while the Node is at the aspiration point, at the top of this figure, and Jupiter is at the tail of the Kite.

The Kite is a quadrangular figure and is therefore motivated towards security. With only red and blue aspects, it may operate in an on/off manner, seeking to intersperse periods of rest in the blue aspects with a somewhat tense approach to the work that needs to be completed in the red opposition. This figure contains large quantities of talent (its component parts include two talent triangles) but the individual may prefer not to tap into this talent and produce something until they absolutely have to. This figure is found in the charts of artists and creative people, who often go right to the wire when producing something to a deadline. They may find it easier to stay in the blue part of this figure until close to their deadline, when the red finally kicks in. The Hubers say in "Aspect Pattern Astrology" that people with a Kite have a certain charisma, and that they may also be a hedonist. Interestingly, Robbie Williams, whose chart I've written about, also has a Kite (see the Chart Interpretations page on the API (UK) website.

Jupiter at the tail of the Kite is in opposition to the Node at the aspiration point, that part of the figure which the individual can develop and grow - if only the time of birth were known so that the House/area of life experience where the Node lies could be pinpointed accurately. The only information we have is the Sign it's in - Gemini - suggesting communication. I guess Elton has done a fair bit of that via his many hits over the years. Of course, Jupiter at the tail of the Kite could be that planet/psychological drive which holds back growth, so the lavish costumes, the excessive amount of money he regularly spends on flowers to fill his home and the ownership of a football club (I don't remember which one!) could all be expressions of this planet.


Andrew said...

I enjoy your clear and insightful analysis of these charts with the Huber method: it is an approach I intend to study for myself in the near future.

I have a couple of questions which I hope that you can help me with: I notice that the charts you show do not include any aspects to the ascendant and the midheaven. Is there any particular reason for this? Does the Huber method not include these aspects?

I also note that the charts do not feature the Part of Fortune or any of the other so-called Arabian Parts. Are these not included in the Huber method? I do not want to be dogmatic about these things: I am just curious to learn.

Thank you for your wonderful and informative blog. Please continue this excellent work!

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

Thank you so much for your very positive comments, Andrew. I'll do my best to respond to your questions:

1)Aspects to the AC and MC are not used in the Huber Method as the level of the aspects is distinct and different from that of the Houses, of which the AC and MC are a part. The aspect level is concerned with inner motivation, which is often unconscious; the level of the Houses is concerned with the environment and the outside world. You can read more about this in the Huber's book "The Astrological Houses" and in "The Cosmic Egg Timer" authored by myself and Richard Llewellyn. Both are available from the API Book Shop www.api-uk.org

2)The Arabic Parts are not included in the Huber Method. Bruno Huber did extensive research into his method of astrological psychology, which is an astrology for the 21st century and beyond, so many of the more traditional and conventional features previously used in charts are not used.

Finally, I sincerely hope that we will be able to welcome you as a student of API(UK)in the very near future!