2 Mar 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Blog! - Colour Balance and Motivation

It's a year since this blog was "born", on 4.3.2006 at 16.14 in Knutsford. I set up the blog site, noted the time, and then looked at the chart later. I wasn't too impressed to see that it contained only red and blue aspects - ideally there should have been some green aspects too, to give a rounded balance between red/doing energy and motivation, green/thinking motivation and the enjoyment and stability that the blue/being aspects confer.

Huh! So much for the "ideal" being around in this blog - with only red and blue aspects it seemed at the time that this might turn out to be an experience of either on or off, of energetically writing it or letting it lie still and do nothing!

With no green aspects to prod me into awareness to keep up it's momentum, I might just forget about it and let it fade lazily away into the background of my life. Had I been one of those astrologers who insist on electing a time - the right time! - to start a new project, I could have hung around waiting for some planetary movement which would have made green aspects appear. As it is, I have an excess of red aspects in my chart (see one of my first posts, March 2006, about my own chart) so this approach didn't appeal at all. I resigned myself to having a red/blue blog start chart, and to creating some of the green awareness it appeared to lack, myself.

This has worked reasonably well; the posts seem to flow fairly well, but I only write when the need or the interest or the spirit moves me. I'm aware of not leaving too long a gap between posts and have aimed for around 3 or 4 a month - that feels comfortable. And in a way it reflects, to some extent, the on/off motivation of a colour balance or ratio of
6 Red: 0 Green: 5 Blue.

Yes, it's a "You" sided chart, with the majority of planets on the DC side. Sun is aptly placed in the 7th House, eager for contact with the world and ever-so-appropriately conjunct Uranus, the planet often associated with astrology. But hang on - Sun is on the Low Point of the 7th House, meaning it is eager to get out there and be noticed, yet often is not. It can be frustrating, for sure, not knowing if anyone ever reads this blog!

Moon is slap bang on the MC. It's the highest planet in the chart and by heck it wants recognition! It's very strongly placed in the 10th House, is quite strong by Sign too, and fairly craves comments to be left - readers please note, I love to hear from you!

I'm off now to light the candle on the cake - one year on and you're still going strong! Happy Birthday Dear Blog!


GreenAbby said...

Well I read your blog, even if no one else does! And I find it really interesting as well! But being your daughter, I naturally would I suppose!!!

Question - if your blog's chart was a person, how would they introduce/bring 'green' energy into their life if they wanted to do this consciously? Is there an aspect/pattern/placing present which would help/compel them to do this?

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

Thanks for totally "unbiased" (!) and positive comment!

People who have a chart with no green aspects can develop "green-ness" - i.e. an awareness, sensitivity, ability to question, doubt, search etc. but they may have to work at this, and they would certainly have to be willing to do it! Red/blue charts suggest an on/off, either/or approach to life, so a person who lacks green aspects would need to consciously develop this capacity within themselves. A good way of helping this along would be for them to spend time with people who tend towards "green" - for example, people who think, discuss, share ideas, ponder situations before making a decision or response.

Bruno Huber researched and developed the House chart, which shows the conditioning and expectations made upon the person by their environment. Often, someone with a red/blue natal chart
will have green aspects in their House chart. This will give them some green to draw upon and help them bring this quality into their lives. But again, they will have to be willing to work on this and use it consciously.

The Hubers write about the House chart in "Moon Node Astrology" and "Astrology and the Spiritual Path", both available from the API Book Shop www.api-uk.org. The API(UK) Diploma Course also covers the House chart and how to use it.