12 Feb 2007

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's chart has been suggested as one to look at, and the initial chart image that comes to mind is of antennae seeking out information from the environment. There is an angular, sharp pointy feel to his chart along with a sense of movement, in the triangular/linear shaping of the chart which reveals a mobile, sometimes restless motivation.
Dylan was born on 24.5.1941 at 21.05 in Duluth MN, USA (thanks Sara for his data from Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank). Grouped closely together he has 3 planets in Gemini and 4 in Taurus. All, including unaspected Venus, are clustered around the "You" side of the chart, near the DC, with Mercury the closest. When you meet Dylan you meet his words. This man is an amazingly prolific writer and performer of his own work, and he's still going strong after 50 years in the business. With lyrics like poetry, full of philosophical ideas and anti-war protests, phrases and quotes from
many of his songs have entered common usage.

The colour balance/motivation in his chart shows a ratio of 2 red aspects, 1 green and 5 blue. There's a lot of potential for relaxation and enjoyment here, plus an underlying need for stability. How Dylan lives this out I can only guess at - but I do know that his music and his performance of it, for me, has always had a "laid back" quality and the chilled out feel of the 60's scene he was so much a part of.

Mars is intercepted in the 3rd House, and the only way it can be noticed out in the world is via his Gemini Sun, which it is square to in a red linear aspect. That could easily sum up not just his protest songs of the 60's but it could also indicate a reliance on his Sun - strongly placed in the 6th House - to be heard.

He has but one aspect pattern and this is a Small Learning triangle which suggests observable on-going learning behaviour. It may be a specific task that is being learned, it may be seeking a better and more effective way of getting his messages across and out into the world via his DC Mercury. The other planets involved are Neptune (also intercepted and indicative of dreams, ideals, visions of how things might be) and Moon - his feelings, emotional needs etc. This strongly suggests that he writes from the heart. Moon is conjunct Saturn, too, and in Taurus which will help in the grounding and manifestation of the ideals, the feelings, and issues he feels strongly about.

But note that this Learning triangle is not direct - its sequence of colours and associated actions involved in the learning process is retrograde. What is done, learned, undertaken may well not come right first time around: several attempts may have to be made before he is either satisfied or successful.

Dylan has recently announced that he is buying a home in Scotland. In view of this, it's interesting to read on his Wikipedia entry that "
in his autobiography, Chronicles (2004), Dylan wrote: "What I was going to do as soon as I left home was just call myself Robert Allen.... It sounded like a Scottish king and I liked it."

A full account of his life and work is at
and his website www.bobdylan.com
lists all his lyrics - it's worth a browse!

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