13 Jan 2007

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has just been nominated for a BAFTA award. She was born on 26.7.1945 in London. No birth time available, so her chart is set up for noon. Let's have a look at some of its most interesting features.Green aspects are emphasised, indicating a lot of sensitivity and awareness. With fewer red aspects, she may push herself, work hard and risk possible burn out. The chart shaping suggests an inner life motivation to adapt easily and go with the flow, being flexible and able to move on when life situations or the environment demands this. There will be some restlessness too - a need to branch out and do something different, or change direction.

She has two distinct aspect patterns: a Dominant Learning Triangle and a Small Talent Triangle. The Learning Triangle is composed of one red, one green and one blue aspect, indicating potential for growth and on-going learning throughout life. Planets involved are Venus, Jupiter and Moon - and look at her Moon! In Aquarius is is a focal point of the chart, having a large number of aspects and being out on a limb on its own in a different area of the chart from the remaining planets. Such a planet is called a tension ruler, and it filters all information and feeds it back to the planets it aspects.
As Mirren's time of birth is unknown, it's more than likely that the Moon would be in a different position, and not in the 4th House as is shown with the chart set up for noon. For an actor, having the Moon as a tension ruler could be a valuable asset and a rich tool to draw upon, particularly when picking up or expressing feelings. The Moon's placement in Aquarius would also help, giving her the ability to stay personally detached from feelings and emotions, but still to be able to portray them when in role. Of course, this is purely general speculation, and it would be far more rewarding to know her time of birth so that the correct House position of her Moon could be discussed accurately.

The Small Talent Triangle is all blue, with pinning planets Sun, Mars and Neptune. Notably, Sun is at the apex, the outlet point of this figure. The figure itself indicates a still-developing talent, something one has to work on, polish and perfect throughout life - in Mirren's case it surely relates to her acting skills, which continue to reach new heights in the roles she takes on. Her BAFTA nomination for her role in "The Queen" is witness to her skill; she played the Queen with sensitivity and an understated intensity.

A couple of interesting and notable features of her chart are her Sun conjunct Pluto, which is a powerful combination on a personal level, as well as adding the intensity already alluded to, together with the capacity to perfect and transform. And Sun in Leo is a common occurence for actors, performers, and showbiz personalities. Mirren also has Venus conjunct Uranus, endowing her with an edge, an ability to shock, be different or unconventional.

Her LifeClock puts her firmly into the 11th House of the chart where she will be selective about who she spends time with as well as able to enjoy reaping the fruits of her acting experience by commanding the roles she wants at an age when many actors of her age are passed by as being "too old"!

Addendum 27.2.2007Congratulations to Helen Mirren, not only for her BAFTA award for Best Actress, but for the Oscar for Best Actress that
she's just won - both awards being for her role as Elizabeth 2nd in "The Queen".

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